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I know this is probably out there somewhere already, but I find it quite frustrating that I was assigned a "username" of lots of numbers when my account was created.  It makes it hard for people to find me, as I can't remember my username, let alone try to get them to.  Can we please make it an option to change our username?  Even if there is a once-a-year change or something...that would be such a helpful thing!

Updated on 2020-03-12


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Your username is designed to identify you on Spotify, so it can’t change.
However, you can now add or change your display name on mobile!
A display name replaces the username where it shows on your profile, app, playlists, and Friend Activity.


There's more on this here.


Spotify, we need this. It's an major privacy issue. 

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Uh... Spotify I know you have a lot going on but really. You can't add a "Change Username" Button on the Spotify app? Like this is the easiest thing on here?

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Hey all, just think about how much work it would be for Spotify to do this, never fear, Spotify is constantly trying to make the app more enjoyable and safe for all. 



Any updates on this subject?, I know I'm not the only one with this problem and is terribly frustrating seeing all those numbers which btw you CAN'T use to find someone

I got tired of facebook, cancelled it, and now those numbers appear, please help us if you do not use it to log the person into their account (which would be a major problem handling the login functionality ) I do not see the problem on letting us changing the username


Thanks in advance


Glad to see this is top. I'd prefer not to have my government name on the profile now that I'm making more playlists to share


are there any updates on being able to change username


Yes I agree. I can change my screen name but nobody can search for it and my actual username is super long and weird and I can't change it. It's like crg8173y2hmdrc2

Or something. As a musician, I need a Spotify that people can actually find, so I can promote my music and my friends music through playlists. 

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A use case you might care about or want to support considering recent developments:

When I originally made my spotify, I linked it to facebook. Yay! It has my name on it and everything. Due to recent developments, I deleted my facebook. Now my username is a string of incomprehensible numbers, which makes it hard for me to remember/log back in. I get that this could seem really cosmetic, but exposing a user ID is really bad form, at least defaulting to email would be fine. 


why hasnt this happened yet? come on we've been waiting..


So let's get this straight. 
Yall are ignoring a 3 years old thread that is also your most liked idea ever, and still, advertise you "thrive on our ideas" ?