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Add Browse menu to SONOS

It would be great to access all Spotify's music more easily through SONOS app.  I want to access the browse menu to select categories of music such as "moods", "top lists", "work out", etc and play them through my SONOS speakers.  Right now all I can figure to do is open spotify app, follow one of the playlitsts under these menus, then go back into SONOS app, and play as a playlist.  This is not very fun when you just want to sit around and discover music and would like to use the great SONOS speakers instead of my phone or laptop speakers.  A lot of people have mentioned allowing Radio functionality on SONOS as well.  That would be bonus! Please get with SONOS and make some magic happen!

Updated: 2015-10-14

We’re thrilled to a announce that per your request Browse features are coming to Sonos. You've got an ever-changing sampling of playlists to make sure you have the perfect music for any moment, day or night. Based on your time zone and updated around the clock. 

Big dissapointment not to be able to browse spotify playlist in sonos app. Once my promotion is over I will likely head back to Rdio which is fully supported in Sonos.

Is there actually any point in us wasting our time putting these requests in? Or giving kudos to requestes that are just ignored anyway? 'Community' seems to mean "talk amongst yourselves but we don't give a s##t...."


The Spotify integration for Sonos is crap, but they're not doing anything about it. There are three posts all asking for the different features to be accessible in Sonon - my music, radio stations, browsing genre and mood stations, two are nearly two years old. I've just started a new request to request ALL those options to be given to Sonos, but it was closed because it's a duplicate, even though these other three are seperate issues and still none of them have been implemented.

Google Music, Rdio and Beats all have these or most of them and give a way better experience on Sonos. I won't be paying another penny to Spotify until the situation is improved, and I'd advise any Sonos users to look at Google Music, Rdio and Beats if they want a decent service for their Sonos and not the mediocre one Spotify provides.


FU, Spotify.


Look, one of the reasons that we may not be engaging Spotify on this Sonos issue is that we have several ideas running related to Sonos and we are dispersed. So I suggest that we consolidate onto a single idea. Everyone supports it and we get up the ideas ladder. So I have created a new idea called "Improve the Spotify experience on Sonos", it has a tag of "Sonos". Please comment on it, add Kudos, tell people about it, and lets try to get it up the leader board.

Couldn't agree more. I've been referred to this post, march 5th 2015 only to see posts from over a year ago. Disappointed. There needs to be top lists and genres integrated into to Sonos experience. Seems Spotify values it's free user experience more than premium paying music lovers who also paid out for Sonos (cheapest of which is 149 quid). Was recently a napster/rhapsody customer and they have featured playlist/ top tracks/ genres/ top albums.b

@geoffgreycells - I posted this one back in January and it was closed as being a duplicate thread. They don't seem to want one that covers all Sonos integration issues 😞

Well the Spotify twitter team advised me to post on this thread, which Is both interesting and worrying lol.

I would love to be able to browse charts - especially the Friends chart!


Just got the Sonos connect, hooked it up to my system, and... A dissapointment 😞

An optimal experience is always lagging behind in new technology, but both Spotify and Sonos are around for a while now. This really affects my experience, in a negative way. Bummer.

What they said. Why put so much great energy into the browse feature and other basic (and well-designed) functions without providing an API to Sonos and other partners? Speaking as geek. Not. Very. Hard.
Also. AWESOME product. Please don't make me shop around again. Been with Sonos since nearly the beginning and while they have their quirks, they're our household investment. And they have a LOT of options in this space. But again. Spotify covert here. My LPs won't even talk to me anymore over the choice. So. Let's make it worth it on the go AND at home, non? Thanks for LISTENING LOL.