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Add Equalizer in Spotify

For ipod touch there is a huge need for eq because Spotify bypasses the regular Apple Sound Settings.

I use high end headphones but need to be able to fintune the settings so I can enjoy my music and tech equally.

So please, please make an EQ for the spotify app

Updated: 2015-09-17

Spotify now lets you enjoy music audio the way you want to hear it with the launch of our in-app equalizer on the iPhone and iPad.

Simply update the latest version of the Spotify iOS app and go to Settings > Playback > Equalizer to access the new feature.

If you're one of our Android friends, we already have a native equalizer which you can access inside the app under Audio Effects in the Settings. 

If you'd like to see an equalizer on desktop you can give kudos to this "Equalizer for the Desktop Version" idea. Thanks!



Been waiting for the desktop version of Spotify to include an equalizer for years... Please include this much needed feature.



Thanks , for info. Regard me.
Music Lover

This addon:


Really needs to be built into Spotify as a standard option (The equaliser window), does the above .

At the moment this addon does what i want, but it comes up as a seperate window which is annoying to manage.

Can this be adopted into the standard spotify screen? thanks!!!!

Music Fan

Why can't the equalizer be on the playing song screen, it is to hidden in settings, it should be quiet easy to do it since the EQ is already there...

Garage Band

I must either be blind or it would seem the equalizer is no longer present in the player (using Android). That's a shame because compared to Poweramp, that I use for local and purchased tracks, the Spotify player sounds rather thin and tinny.


I just want to be able to tweak it to better suit my high end headphones. A bit more bass, a bit more volume. If it is gone, Spotify should really remove the cheery 'Implemented' tag of this request. Please reinstate!

Music Fan

The equalizer on the IOS app is deep in the settings, settings=>playing=>equalizer, this is stupid because the equalizer should be reachable directly from the playing screen. Sometimes you want to change quickly a setting and like this? too many clicks and you have to leave the player to go in settings, this is annoying...


What about Android and Windows desktop users? Those are the only two platforms I use...


Since I bought a new phone I've lost the eq on Android

Is it a limitation from Huawei?

Garage Band

I read that on quite a number of phones there's no equalizer available. Spotify claims this is a limitation of the system (as on my HTC 10) but PowerAmp which I use for everything else on the same phone offers an excellent EQ on top of what the HTC 10 offers.


So this is something Spotify could offer, regardless of phones. I hardly listen to Spotify on the go anymore, since, frankly, music sounds like **bleep** on the app without minor tweaks.


What are you guys talking about?? There's NO EQ function on the ANDROID version. I searched it all around since I started with it months ago. And dont tell me I have to get the latest version of it because I keep it 100% up to date. Why there's NO EQ in the dam thing?? Am I not paying enough for it??