Add Shuffle Play Button to Artist Pages on Premium Accounts

Status: Implemented

Sometimes (even with Premium) I just want to listen to an artist on shuffle. Why can't my premium account have the Shuffle Play button like my test free account does? 


The Shuffle Play button on premium account should simply shuffle play all of the artists content on Spotify (so no suggested tracks like you sometimes get on the free version). 








Hey guys! As you've noticed Premium users can now hit "Shuffle Play" on an artist page to hear all tracks.


photo (17).PNG



Free users can also shuffle artists on their mobile devices but will receive some suggested tracks. For more info on using Spotify Free on your mobile click here.

Status changed to: New Idea

Yeah, thats a great idea! Even in Spotify Free, if you are using a tablet, as yo have total access to streaming, shuffle is not possible either. And I really miss it.

What about Radio?

Radio and shuffling an artist page are different things. Radio will play other tracks from similar artists. 


Nice add. Maybe make the button a bit slimmer and less overt also. Screaming shuffle isnt alwasy the way i want to go. Keeps the balance. Maybe in the top bar with the shuffle n radio buttons or on the bottom of the album art near the tesxt. Design matters people.


That big button is pretty intrusive on a small screen. Personally, I'd like it gone from my playlist screen too on my Galaxy. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had the option 🙂


Spotify Premium absolutely needs this feature.  I was amazed when I upgraded to Premium and lost it.  Might have to cancel my account.

Yes I would like this feature as well, sometimes it's nice to be able to shuffle an entire artists library. Do it all the time on my iPod.

I +1 Evan_Beezy's comment. Make the shuffle button less intrusive so it looks prettier on premium!!  Put the shuffle button next to the radio button or something like that.

This feature has been added to the latest update on iOS. Just wait until it arrives to Android.