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Add video on casted TV device for podcasts casted via Chromecast/Roku etc.

Podcasts that currently have video available on your mobile or desktop device, lose the video feature once you cast it to a TV via Chromecast. This is a major surprise as this is a frequent way of watching video podcasts on TV. Please consider casting the video part of the podcast along with the audio on casted devices.


Updated on 2021-09-16

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that this feature is now available on multiple big screen devices, such as Chromecast and Roku (Roku TVs with firmware 8.2/ Roku Set top Boxes with firmware 9.0).


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


The fact that this is an “idea” your user base has to suggest shows how disconnected Spotify is from its tv streaming apps.


It's almost 2021 and spotify can't cast video? Embarassing really.


It took me quite some time to like the "idea" and every single comment on it and I would like to support atbogan's comment, that very few people will commit to this effort. I re-installed spotify for the sole purpose of watching(!) joe rogan, after having been absent from spotify for I think almost 5 years, because apple music in combination with shazam is unbeatable regarding music in my opinion. This is now a chance for spotify to gain an incredibly large userbase and the fact that you have not implemented this video function right at the start, but instead have your employees demanding (!?!?) censorship on the Joe Rogan podcast is quite frankly more ridiculous, more pathetic and more unprofessional than the Brazilian Governments reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. How is this even possible? Could those "employees" of yours demanding censorship go back to their **** desks please and start taking care of their 138 million paying customers instead of their self-righteousness? Greetings from Germany!


I want to support Spotify on the JRE deal but without the chromecast video streaming function there is no way I can.


Thanks for looking into this.




I'd like to request the ability to watch video on an Amazon TV and Amazon Firestick as well!! 



I've been with you for a month to try and acclimate myself to Spotify in order to be able to view JRE which I presume was the baseline strategy - to move subscribers.


Fact of the matter is this. I cannot watch JRE video on Spotify on ANY of my devices. I have tried for weeks.


  • Via the Chrome web app on Mac ( No go for video. Option N/A 
  • Via my Android box. No go for video. Option N/A 

I do not mainly use Spotify on smartphone. I have a media center setup.

Honestly... what were are u guys thinking when signing on JRE.


That you just needed to score and didn't need to make a proper requirement analysis beforehand in order to accommodate BOTH viewers and listeners???


Who in their right mind would like NOT be able to watch video on a larger screen? Have your asked yourself this question recently? Else it might be a good time.


If this is a DRM issue. Still.... wth were you thinking not offering proper viewing support for such a large fanbase? That JRE fans would be pleased of you robbing them of viewing options?


Just.... flabbergasted. 


What a f******* joke Spotify!


Casting video functionality has to be added before December when Joe Rogan podcast will be exclusive to Spotify. It's bonkers that Spotify added video specifically for JRE acquisition but neglected Casting video.



A paying customer.


Could not agree more with all of the previous comments. I’ve been a paying Spotify customer for years because it’s my preferred music platform. But this is not an acceptable over-site, I watch the JRE experience nearly daily and it is completely useless if I cannot cast it. This in combination with the recent news that Spotify staff is attempting to censor the JRE is extremely discouraging and makes me consider canceling my membership. I’m sure thousands of others are considering the same. 


Stream JRE video on all platforms, Cast, AirPlay and tv apps. Also leave the platform as is. 
I read a post that thousands will leave,  I believe it’s more like millions. I will pay when this nonsense is over. Stop trying to make people comply! There is a reason that JRE is what it is. He will leave and can go anywhere!


After searching online for multiple days I finally came here to find out that Spotify has a voting system. Forums are filled with people asking how to enable video on tv. But is this seriously a question, come on guys. YouTube has millions of views on the Joe Rogan video’s. The episode with Edward Snowden from a week ago reached over 6 millions views on YouTube. Even if only 10% watched on tv that would be over 600.000 views from tv. Please let us go full Spotify. Now I’m still stuck at YouTube. Sometimes I try to remember the minutes to play further, but common.