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Add video on casted TV device for podcasts casted via Chromecast/Roku etc.

Podcasts that currently have video available on your mobile or desktop device, lose the video feature once you cast it to a TV via Chromecast. This is a major surprise as this is a frequent way of watching video podcasts on TV. Please consider casting the video part of the podcast along with the audio on casted devices.


Updated on 2021-09-16

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that this feature is now available on multiple big screen devices, such as Chromecast and Roku (Roku TVs with firmware 8.2/ Roku Set top Boxes with firmware 9.0).


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


After a more than a year, I finally have Spotify working on my Samsung Smart TV. Honestly, don't even use it that much. I didn't like when it wasn't working with video. JRE Clips is how I used to watch the show. Since Spotify, there are only 1 or 2 clips per show. YouTube had 5 or more. I liked the specific topics and video titles that I can watch or skip.


How many “votes” does it take to get Spotify to have JRE video on the Roku Spotify app? It is absurd that you cannot watch the video on a Roku. Simply absurd


There is still no video on the Spotify app on Roku.


As of III/2021, there are around 56.4 million Roku users in the US alone, tendency increasing. Even my relatives overseas have now purchased Rokus, as it's emerging and expanding there as well. 


So, how is it, Spotify, that as of mid-December 2021, and with an ever-increasing number of "Spotify-exclusive" podcasts, there is still no video playback capability on brand-new Roku top boxes, firmware 10.5?


Here's the reality: I've had and loved my Roku for almost a decade. I've watched many podcasts, the number of which are steadily increasing, for ages. But when it comes to choosing between a) awkwardly mirroring pods from a laptop, or popping out a magnifying glass to watch on a phone, and b) just forgetting about/skipping all that "Spotify-exclusive" content altogether from the comfort of my couch with my Roku remote in hand because I can't be bothered... it's definitely the latter. 


What's the holdup? Why is there still no video on your Spotify app on Roku? Thanks. 


[NB: the apps on Roku are developed and maintained by the respective developer, here: Spotify. So no shifting to Roku, pls.]



It's simple.
The execs are buying yachts and paying Joe Rogan 100 million instead of actually doing duh basic level stuff.

Stop giving Spotify your money. 

There are other competing services like Amazon Music, Pandora, Tidal, etc

Also it's some bull **bleep** that they still play ads on Podcasts if you have Premium.
In Canada the way they market Premium is false advertising by the General Impressions Test.
The more people that make complaints to the Competition Bureau Canada about the misleading marketing for Premium the better.


Anyway the feature is not fully implemented.
Only one of two of my Roku devices has video for Podcasts.
They're the same version. The only difference is one is the 1080p dongle **bleep** and the other is the integrated 4K TV app. Both apps are the same version and same version of the Roku software.
But somehow only the 4K TV gets it.
The older TV with the dongle is what I watch content on the most and use the 4K TV for gaming.
So the TV that it matters most to have it on for me doesn't have it.

Why would I pay money for this absolute incompetence?


And now the search buttons are totally defunct. You hit rewind a few times and it goes to the end of the podcast or gets stuck on, say, 44 mins and shows it backing up to 42 mins, but when it starts playing, it’s back at 44 mins. Or occasionally when you close the app and reopen later, it goes back to the beginning. Lovely. 

I’ve been running into the same issue on my Roku app, Smackatoo 😕


The Roku app is complete garbage.  Video finally plays on it, but the lag is ridiculous.  Press a button and it responds like 20 seconds later.  No subtitles.  Freezes.  No option to increase the playback speed.  And I've got the two most expensive models, the Ultra and the Streambar Pro.  Can't imagine how bad it must be if you've got something like one of those sticks that more than a year or two old.  You'd think they could afford someone who could write code.


Yeah, this is crazy. iPhone 12 pro, iOS 15, something about the rewind and forward buttons, when listening through the phone via AirPods (no problem if airplaying to Apple TV) if they are pressed too many times in a row, sometimes even just twice, the entire episode goes to the last second of the podcast. It might be when the phone is in the lock screen, but have to verify. 

if you don’t happen to glance at the time code before the disaster, you have no idea where you were in a 4 hour podcast. Wonderfully frustrating.


WOW, and now the podcasts don’t hold their place at all when switching to another app and returning. Not even for half a second to check the weather, boom, 2hrs into a Rogan episode and it starts right back at the beginning. What in absolute, constant issues, ffff is with this APPPPP!??