Album Starring

Status: Implemented

Since some update occurred, you can no longer star entire albums when you are looking at that specific album. You have to go to the entire list of that artist's music to star the album, or star each song within the album individually.


I really, really, really liked the star button that allowed me to stay within the album while starring it. It's not a huge deal, but I REALLY liked that button! Can you bring it back? Smiley Sad


Hey guys, with the introduction of Your Music you can 'Save' entire albums at once. These will then go straight into your Songs playlist. 


You can still do this if you go to the artist's page on Spotify.


Yes, I know. Smiley Happy


But you can no longer star the entire album while you are looking at an individual album. For me, going around and looking at lots of albums, I like to have that star button right there, so I can star it without going to the artist's page. Like I said, not a huge deal, but very convenient.


I don't know why it got removed, and I am just hoping they will put it back.


Same as the starred list, but another one for albums! Should have a different look than the ordinary starred list of course that will make it give an easier overview of the albums you star.


Would make the day easier for those that not only make "ordinary" lists but also have a lot of albums that they like. And I wouldn't have this huge folder with albums filling up all the space.



Totally agree to this, but I would also like to have a starred page just for albums. One for tracks and one for albums. It would have to look a little different to make an easier overview over the albums you star


I agree as well. A starred album page would be a great addition to Spotify! Helps to keep the overview.


I mainly listening to albums, not idividual tracks. The Starring functionality only star individual tracks. If you starring an album that results in starring all individual songs in that album.


I really would like tha ability to star albums, artists and playlists. Then also a good interface to brows my starred albums, artists and playlists.


I agree, I find the absence of easy album starring and sorting extremely frustrating.


And since the only way to star an album is on the artist's page, there's no way to star a compilation album by various artists, is there?


I agree, want this feature, pain with compilation albums


So far the only  feature i hate about Spotify im having to go thorugh and star a whole Neil Young box set.