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Since some update occurred, you can no longer star entire albums when you are looking at that specific album. You have to go to the entire list of that artist's music to star the album, or star each song within the album individually.


I really, really, really liked the star button that allowed me to stay within the album while starring it. It's not a huge deal, but I REALLY liked that button! Can you bring it back? Smiley Sad


Hey guys, with the introduction of Your Music you can 'Save' entire albums at once. These will then go straight into your Songs playlist. 


Hey guys, it's good to see there's interest in this idea.


One little tip for you - when scrolling through search results, etc. you can instantly star a whole album by dragging the title over the Starred icon in the left column. Give it a try!


Richard, you're missing the point.  Many (most?) of us older farts grew up on albums, and many many artists put their music together into articulated ALBUMS (rather than collection of singles).  Our standard way of listening to music is to listen to albums.  We often think to ourselves "I want to listen to the ____ album", not "I want to listen to a bunch of songs by _____ that I've spent time converting into a playlist".  


Spotify MUST provide an album bookmarking function else they annoy a LOT of customers.  Perhaps they don't care about anyone except youngsters who have never learned the joy of ALBUMS.  Personally, it's fun to occassionally grab a bunch of random tracks, but I won't hang around long if I can't play ALBUMS without going through hoops (like having star every song on it, then sorting the star list then finding the tracks I want).


"Starring" is for tracks.  Give us some ALBUM bookmarks, Spotify!


Fully agree. The ability to star albums or artists without starring every track within would be very nice.

As a formal use case: I find myself wanting to star albums I like as a whole so that I can get back to them easily later on. However, as starring used to work, it would star every track, polluting my Starred list with every track from the album. My instinct is to have to have starred albums in a separate list, or to appear as single items within the Starred list. Further, I find sometimes I like a whole album, but especially like certain tracks— and would like the ability to star both the album and the tracks I thoroughly enjoy as well.

As brought up by other commenters, all of this makes sense for artists and shared playlists as well. It could even make sense for labels.


Yes!  I couldn't agree more with everyone above about the EASY STARRING AN ALBUM!


I'm 34 & grew up in the 80's-90's listening to whole albums.  I like to hear an artists' whole work before making a decision.  I realize I can now DRAG the album over to the STARRED list, but why would you remove that easy star that was *right *next to the albums?!?!  Bring it back, just a convenience. 

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i created a New Playlist Folder and then drag albums I want to star into it. Clunky but it works.

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UP! Can this please be implemented. It is an already existing feature, seems to me it hardly needs any development work, and would improve my experience significantly.


Spotify, please just make 1 simple button to star albums.


Just highlight all the songs you want and right click! I just figured this out because I was having the same woes.

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I just updated my Spotify and now album starring is gone.  Why would you take that feature away?  This is almost a dealbreaker for me - and I have been a Premium Subscriber since you guys launched in the states.  I don't want to have to search each time I want to look for an album and I also don't want to have to star each individual song in an album.  Bring it back.