Album Starring

Status: Implemented

Since some update occurred, you can no longer star entire albums when you are looking at that specific album. You have to go to the entire list of that artist's music to star the album, or star each song within the album individually.


I really, really, really liked the star button that allowed me to stay within the album while starring it. It's not a huge deal, but I REALLY liked that button! Can you bring it back? Smiley Sad


Hey guys, with the introduction of Your Music you can 'Save' entire albums at once. These will then go straight into your Songs playlist. 


I agree. So far it looks like your new updates are just making the product worse. Bring back starring an entire album! What possible reason could you have to remove this feature?


Bring it back, crazy it was taken away! Would take your boffins about 30 seconds to reinstate.


Not only should it be brought back, but I shouldn't have to go to the album page to star the entire album. Anywhere the album is listed, I should have the ability to star it easily. This could be done better. I have no clue why you would've taken this away. What's the use case for taking it away?


I like the Spotify version of several weeks ago...the colors keep changing and now ALBUM STARRING is gone...I listen to albums, not just tracks and do not want to have to go through a whole album individually and click the stars for every song on the album...


Whats going on Spotify?




I was also disappointed to find the album starring function removed. Please resurrect it 🙂


The removing of the star feature is very annoying for people that are full album listeners. Been trying to think of the reason for this and can only think that they want you to add it as a playlist isntead. Anyway, the quickest way of starring from the artists page is to hold down shift then click on the first and last track. 


and then right click and lick star. done.


I can't believe they got rid of this. Removing functionality is just insane. 


 I'm sure they have some kind of master plan and the album starring function was getting in the way of it, but I can't imagine what it could be. Regardless, somebody will come up with some kind of third party application that lets people star whole albums or find some workaround, so they're just wasting their time. 


Anyway, in the meantime, it is very irritating. 


Yep - totally agree with this


Sure there are pop albums or compilations and greatest hits that are collections of singles. But surely a lot of "serious" albums are conceived as being a 'whole' - something to be listened to from beginning to end (even some compilations in the case of dance mixes). 


I'll settle for just being able to star a whole album in one click but what I'd really like is to see a separate list of "Starred albums" - it could look like an Artists page.

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

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