Album Starring

Status: Implemented

Since some update occurred, you can no longer star entire albums when you are looking at that specific album. You have to go to the entire list of that artist's music to star the album, or star each song within the album individually.


I really, really, really liked the star button that allowed me to stay within the album while starring it. It's not a huge deal, but I REALLY liked that button! Can you bring it back? Smiley Sad


Hey guys, with the introduction of Your Music you can 'Save' entire albums at once. These will then go straight into your Songs playlist. 


spotify... what the hell is wrong with you???? WHY WOULD YOU EVER GET RID OF THIS FEATURE????? I HATE HATE HATE THIS NEW VERSION OF SPOTIFY!!!!

I miss that button too!

Especially when i'm in my playlist.

And: the track-numbers of the album are gone too...




yeah, i dont care about a whole other list, that's just a pain, BUT being album to just star a SINGLE ENTIRE album with one click was vastly easier than clicking every single track. AND if you click them seperately they appeared in your starred list backwards. get out of here with the basic ass bull**bleep**, i dont pay for nothing.


I can't seem to find the option of starring an entire album even under the artists.  Can someone please help me out?  I REALLY miss that feature; especially when i realize there is an entire band I forgot about and then have to star like 7 albums.


It's funny how this used to be anctual feature that was removed after an update a few months ago. It's something that is not hard to implement, and it worked fine before. What was the reason for removing it? I understand most people don't listen to albums anymore and just listen to top 40 single tracks, but come on now. It's really annoying for me to have to star every single track, not only for me but for my followers as well, they get to see me spam their activity feed with starred tracks.


Come on developers, bring it back.



Thank you.


Why would they ever remove features like this? What gain is there? I used to star entire albums with one click. There was NO reason to drop this ability, but Spotify fixing something that isnt broken and making it worse...  Bring back the one click option to star a whole album.


Totally agree with you!!!  BRING IT BACK!!!


Give us the album star button back, please.... We don't care about playlists, we need album lists.


To replace the "Star Album" feature, you can select all the songs in an album with "Ctrl + A" or select the first song, hold "Shift," and select the last song. Then, drag this set to "Starred" on the left sidebar. This stars all the songs you selected.


The main reason I like Spotify over Pandora is that I can listen to entire albums in their entirety. The "star album" feature was great for this. Easy to tag entire album in one click. The less steps the better. While eddiechiang suggestion in the above post works, it is an extra unneeded step. Bring back the star entire album feature.


I'd also like to see the "Stared" feature expanded. Give the listener a choice to see only the starred albums, starred artist or starred songs. This would make finding an artist within the starred list faster than scrolling through the entire starred list.

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