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[All Platforms] Add time synced lyrics

Can we have time synced lyrics, Spotify been in the music game long enough to understand that it's an important feature, most of us leave the app and open a browser just to check the lyrics.

don't mark this idea as duplicated and link me a to a post that was made 4 years ago, also am not asking for normal lyrics that we already have (behind the lyrics or story line)am asking for Time Synced lyrics just like Apple Music offers.


check the videos to understand what I mean.


or this 



Updated on 2021-11-18

Hey folks,


Thanks for your feedback on the Lyrics feature. We’ve heard you and we’re happy to announce Lyrics are here!


You can find Lyrics on Free and Premium for users across iOS and Android devices, desktop, gaming consoles, and TV.


To learn more about the roll out and how to access lyrics, view this announcement.




you guys responded to my tweet on twitter so i thought id share it here too! i think the thing that would solidify your app at #1 would be an in-sync lyric feature, like the way Apple Music has. Having in-sync lyrics would bring more people into listening and paying attention more to what their listening to, and make it a better listening experience overall. i know i'm not the only person who feels this would be an amazing addition to Spotify.


It's been 2 years since this comment when will Spotify implement this?


It seems that the leader Spotify will lose a good number of subscribers if it does not put the lyrics synchronized in real time. I have been a loyal subscriber for years but if Spotify continues to ignore this important request for so many people then I will also be leaving 😞 please Spotify react

I left Spotify, they won’t listen to thousands of us requesting lyrics so
they do not deserve our subscription . See Ya.

It just amazes me that Spotify uses requests to drive the options/features but every time there is a request for synced-lyrics they close it out and say there is already another request....OK great where is the request and way are they not merged closing it out only reduces the count so i guess like others paid subscribers will just leave like we all did.


I like time synced lyrics, but sometimes i just want to turn off the singalong feature where i can look for the full lyrics in desktop. And it is hard to do! It's better in mobile version where the lyrics are highlighted and we can still scroll. In desktop app, we just see 2 lines?? So when i'm on my laptop i would search the lyrics on google tocsee the verse i would like to read -_- so not effective




There are some songs that can be hard to hear the lyrics, and a better lyric system for all systems can improve the way people listen to music! Genius already does a good job covering some songs, but there could be room to improve it and cover most of the songs on your app. An idea similar to that as another company, but Genius or any lyric system could be where it follows the song and it can have links under certain sections to click/press on and see what artists have to say about that section. So that way the artist’s descriptions doesn’t take away from people looking at the lyrics and doesn’t get frustrated. 


I wonder if Spotify have any intention at all to add scrolling lyrics in UK?  Major competitor in the streaming game has had this functionality for at least two years!  Come on Spotify, where are lyrics going to be available?


Adding the live lyrics feature to Spotify would drastically improve the overall experience. Plus it can replace the Genius feature that is pretty much useless 


That's an essential feature for me. I'm using Apple Music or Amazon Music until Spotify offer it.