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[All Platforms] Album Art for each Track in a playlist

View as Album List was a great feature. Based on comments I have seen on other forums, I am not the only one who thinks so. Please restore this feature.



1) Images are much easier to see than text. I have reached the age of reading glasses. Before this feature was removed, I could easily find songs / albums in playlists. Now I have to find my glasses beforehand!


2) Images are much more compelling and attractive than text. A picture tells a thousand words etc. The whole look and feel of Spotify is enhanced through the use of album images. Removing them seems like going against good user experience practice.


3) Nostalgia. Although I love Spotify and I firmly believe that subscription is the future of music, I still feel some nostalgia for "possessing" a collection of albums. Displaying album covers reinforces the feeling of having a collection of albums in a playlist.


Note that all three arguments apply equally to desktop and iPad versions of Spotify.


November 2013: Response to the comments from Spotify...

- There is no need for a cmd+G control. All playlists should always display the album cover.

- The Collections product was announced almost a year ago but there is no sign of it.

- A Collections product that simply displays the thousands of albums that I have ever listened to is not a viable solution in my opinion. I would need multiple collections (i.e.. playlists).



I have created a new idea requesting cover art on your music (and playlists). Please give it your kudos.


July 2015

I note that Apple Music displays album art on playlists on all platforms.


Apple Music.png

Updated on 2021-06-24

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that this is now available on Android, iOS and Desktop. 


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


I am FURIOUS that this feature has been removed. The font is GIGANTIC now, too. What the hell? Album art view lets me scroll through my playlists and listen to whatever I'm in the mood for. If I see the cover of something I haven't listened to in a while, I'm like "hell yeah, I gotta hear that again."


Now all I see is TEXT. What the f--k. Seriously.




I know we all just need an overall library (of the music that we have added) just like itunes, people have like 2000 playlists because each album they like demands a new playlist, why can't I scroll according to artist, albums, genre and so on, it's far too difficult to jump to what songs I want to listen to. I have to search through too many playlists. Also on your phone when looking at music titles, if the title is too long it will just cut off the information like year released, featured artist, explicit or edited version. 


Are you kidding me? The album preview was one of the best features. I recognized my music by seeing these

album previews. Now I can't find anything 😞


Windows media player 12 also made such a mistake in the past by deleting most of the super handy taskbar

player features in the default installation. Such as scrubbable timeline and artist info when the player was minimized.

(Maybe something to add into Spotify)


Why are they always deleting the best stuff?

Please bring it back ^0^

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

pls bring it back, i'm completely lost here!!


Agreed.  Not only is the library more unwieldy, it also isn't quite as neat or pleasing to the eyes.


Bring it back !!! Please !!!!


please...restore this function...


I struggle to use Spotify without it as I can identify what I want to listen to by album cover.


Grauenhafte Neuerung! Sofort rückgängig machen! Die "lokale Dateien"-Funktion war im Prinzip der einzige Grund Spotify überhaupt zu nutzen, jetzt ist sie wertlos!

PS: Ich werde mich hier nicht zum Horst machen und in einer Sprache schreiben, die ich zwar verstehe, in der ich aber nicht adäquat auszudrücken vermag, was ich sagen möchte! Wer die Postings nicht versteht mag sich eine Google-Übersetzung selbst anfertigen, mehr würde ich auch nicht tun!