[All Platforms] All 9999 offline Tracks assigned to a single Device

Currently there is a limit of 9999 downloaded tracks spread acress 3 devices (3333 tracks per device). This means if you have a large playlist you are stuck with a subset on a deivce or swap device. 


My idea is that this 9999 tracks be more dynamic, it should be that I can use my 9999 tracks on any of my devices and just one if I so wish. 


Please can this be implemented as it will allow a much more user friendly experience and allows people with a large playlist the freedom of having that playlist on their device without having to cut down the list or split it across devices.

Updated on 2018-09-12

At Spotify, we’re always working on improving the experience for our users. We can now confirm that we have increased the number of offline tracks per device - from 3333 on 3 devices to 10.000 tracks per device for up to 5 devices.


I can't believe this is even real... In 2016, on the way to 2017... I just started paying for Spotify Family, got a 128Gb iPhone, and now this... You are using missleading advertisement...

Casual Listener

Having just returned to Spotify after trialing Apple Music, I have to say I was caught by surprise when attempting to download my entire library. If the reason for the restriction is the deal agreed with various record labels, then hopefully Spotify will make a point of trying to reneogiate now those contracts are up.

It does seem ridiculous that every other streaming service can offer a no-cap offline limit, but Spotify, a company trying to dominate the market amongst high-value exlcusives, handicap themselves by refusing to budge on this particular issue.


They're happy to persist with the 'freemium' model, paying lower than average royalties, which in turn damages the relationships they have with artists, but simple improvement requests fall on deaf ears.

I'm not going to make the common empty threat that "I may leave Spotify', as I won't. Apple Music just doesn't do it for me when it comes to user interface and general performance. Plus, I like to think that Spotify does actually give something back to artists when it comes to data, whereas the door to Apple's servies remain tightly shut with a few extra screws drilled in for good measure.

I've just realised that this is probably completely the wrong place to rant, but I really hope they change this farcical rule sooner rather than later. The one thing Apple has over Spotify is that years worth of music can be managed more efficiently in iTunes, and Spotify need to address this particular issue to stand any chance of reamining the number one choice.

Also, while you're at it, could you please develop an Apple Watch app. The latest IOS10 update has removed the ability to see what is playing by simply swiping up. Let's see if Spotify can out-do Apple in terms of their customer care.

Casual Listener

I read where it was stated that that it only affects a small percentage of users, but what isn't being taken into consideration is the large number of people who will choose another service, based on the ridiculously low limit on each device. Why would I pay for a service to get 3,333 on 3 devices when I could just buy Apple Music or Tidal and have a place to have a 10,000 song library, which can be accessed off of all my devices? I know that I would have heavy use on one device, so it's almost as if I'm paying for Premium to only access 3,333 songs. It affects SO much more than just a small group of people. It hurts future customers from even giving it a try, because they would see it as a waste of money when they could get what they wanted elsewhere.


I've just subscribed to the premium account hoping that the limit my phone was displaying was way bellow 3k tracks but I guess I was wrong and now I have a very small share of my entire library. Base on that I really think 3k is a very small number. I work in an environment where I can't use the internet, besides 3G/4G is a lot more expensive here (and probably in another countries too). In this situation I need the offline feature for my songs. With my current settings I have a single music genre on my phone and still incomplete. The fair option is clearly to allow people an unlimited number offline tracks.


I certainly agree that this is a dumb limitation. I only download on my Android. Would be nice to use my "entire" 10k limitation instead of just part of it.


Can somebody that works for Spotify please explain why there is a limit of 3,333 songs on a device? Just want to know the reasoning behind it


I've recently encountered this problem.


The only reason I pay for premium is so I can download my playlists onto my phone and listen offline wherever I go. I have no need to download any music whatsoever onto any other device than my mobile so I'm effectively paying the premium price for a limit of 3333 which is an ever increasing problem.


Please consider letting one device hold the 9,999 songs. I feel if we have the premium subscription there shouldn't be limitations on what we can do with the track we pay for. I use my old phone as a music player for my car, so I can have freedom over my current phone while in the car. I'm really considering going to iTunes and just deleting Spotify altogether 


On behalf of my Dad, I just want to say that he also would appreciate the opportunity to have more than the 3333 offline songs on his device, as he travels a lot and cannot always re-sync alternative playlists. 

Would be good for me too, as I have more than enough room... 


Will there be any changes in the future?

All I can see here is a lot of people sying they want it, but Spotify not having any plans to change the policy.


Which of course, brings up the next question, why is there a limit of 9999 songs in the first place?  I would like to see the 3333 per device increased as well as the 9999 per account.  It must have something to do with the agreements with ASCAP and BMI.