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[All Platforms] All 9999 offline Tracks assigned to a single Device

Currently there is a limit of 9999 downloaded tracks spread acress 3 devices (3333 tracks per device). This means if you have a large playlist you are stuck with a subset on a deivce or swap device. 


My idea is that this 9999 tracks be more dynamic, it should be that I can use my 9999 tracks on any of my devices and just one if I so wish. 


Please can this be implemented as it will allow a much more user friendly experience and allows people with a large playlist the freedom of having that playlist on their device without having to cut down the list or split it across devices.

Updated on 2018-09-12

At Spotify, we’re always working on improving the experience for our users. We can now confirm that we have increased the number of offline tracks per device - from 3333 on 3 devices to 10.000 tracks per device for up to 5 devices.


Found a solution! Apple music! I thought it was only for iphones but works on androids as well! Unlimited downloads, first 3 months are free, and same monthly price as spotify. The files you download are bigger as there is no option to choose file size, but that means the quality is always top notch...also means you need a big micro sd card if you're into alot of music...about 7 gbs worth of music on spotify at medium quality is about 30gbs worth of files on apple music...totally worth it, wont regret it!


I wish you guys would reconsider this idea, as an avid supporter of your service and self-proclaimed  audiophile, I am downloading new songs constantly, and hate deleting stuff to add new stuff. I enjoy having full discographies at my disposal and see no purpose in carrying around multiple devices to have all my music in one space, it’s just not feasible. I understand the logic but I think giving an option for 10,000 songs on one device would be relatively harmless, and would benefit your heaviest users and most loyal fans 




Oh please please!


This is a good idea.. I really like spotify, but I'll learn to like a service with more offline songs


I love spotify, but you were taken decision against the premiums users. Every step your take to the detriment  of premium users. I have a familiar plan, but I'll begin services evaluation of another competition.


Same problem here, really want a bigger capacity on one device


I am devastated opening my spotify today to see that I've reached the maximum amount of downloads. I thought I had finally found my way of music 😭 I have everything from death metal to yucatan pan flute and everything in between. And now I'm LIMITED please change this please please!




Really annoying having to close the popup all the time.


Also, it doesn't makes sense to buy a 256gb device and use only 30gb for Spotify.


Je betaald maandelijks een bedrag voor het beluisteren van muziek.. Dus bij deze betaal ik nu maandelijks voor enkel nog liedjes te beluisteren en niet meer te downloaden.. Dus bij deze denk ik er toch aan het abonnement op te zeggen..