[All Platforms] All 9999 offline Tracks assigned to a single Device

Currently there is a limit of 9999 downloaded tracks spread acress 3 devices (3333 tracks per device). This means if you have a large playlist you are stuck with a subset on a deivce or swap device. 


My idea is that this 9999 tracks be more dynamic, it should be that I can use my 9999 tracks on any of my devices and just one if I so wish. 


Please can this be implemented as it will allow a much more user friendly experience and allows people with a large playlist the freedom of having that playlist on their device without having to cut down the list or split it across devices.

Updated on 2018-09-12

At Spotify, we’re always working on improving the experience for our users. We can now confirm that we have increased the number of offline tracks per device - from 3333 on 3 devices to 10.000 tracks per device for up to 5 devices.

Music Fan

Can we at least know why you don't want to accept this? 


Is it possible just to disable the error message whenever I log into Spotify on my device where I have reached the maximum songs?


 This is the reason I changed to Google play music.


I have just recently hit this limit and exclusively listen through my phone. I also have a limited data allowance, but an unlimited wifi, so I tend to download everything so that I don’t use data whilst not home. A change to this limit would be greatly appreciated 

Gig Goer

Hi guys just wanted you all to know that Deezer lets you download as many as you like for offline use!

Casual Listener

Even though this is a bandaid solution to the bigger problem of the offline limitations. 

The whole idea of being alloted 9999 songs but you have to divide between three devices is absoulutly stupid. 

since pay for a limitation, we should at least be able to use those limits in whatever way we choose, 1 device or 3, ten thousand songs or less.


But Spotify has such a bullheaded idiotic stance on this. 

I'm building my library independant of spotify and am looking forward to the day i get to cancel my membership. 


I have just run into this limit - utterly incredible in this day and age. With this and the inability to disable Shuffle Play, I'm now looking at closing off my Premium account and going to Google Play. There is no good technical reason for this at all, and if like many people you most use Spotify for on road playback it is a decisive factor in changing providers


Hi folks at Spotify! Not trying to be a pain, I’m honestly fine with accepting the 3,333-song limit to one device if it could just be explained to me. Is there a real reason why it’s any less feasible to let a single device house the full collection of a single account?


The limit of 3333 songs is pathetic, it's year 2018 not 1998. I guess the only way not deal with this limit is to switch to the competition. I am tired of wasting my time by deciding which songs to keep and which to remove.

Gig Goer

Hi @maxvk@Rissed

fyi Deezer allows you to download as many tracks as you like for offline use 🙂