[All Platforms] All 9999 offline Tracks assigned to a single Device

Currently there is a limit of 9999 downloaded tracks spread acress 3 devices (3333 tracks per device). This means if you have a large playlist you are stuck with a subset on a deivce or swap device. 


My idea is that this 9999 tracks be more dynamic, it should be that I can use my 9999 tracks on any of my devices and just one if I so wish. 


Please can this be implemented as it will allow a much more user friendly experience and allows people with a large playlist the freedom of having that playlist on their device without having to cut down the list or split it across devices.

Updated on 2018-09-12

At Spotify, we’re always working on improving the experience for our users. We can now confirm that we have increased the number of offline tracks per device - from 3333 on 3 devices to 10.000 tracks per device for up to 5 devices.


Again, are you listening, Spotify?


Having a download limit of 3,333 is completely unacceptable. Its 2017, you want people to use your streaming service yet don't provide an efficient way to enjoy a full library of offline music. Apple music doesn't have a limit and as a paying customer Im extremely upset by the fact that I pay monthly for a family plan that I can no longer download songs for offline use one. Whats the point of micro sd cards and expandable storage if you set tiur limit at 3,333. C'mon its not 2004 we can handle alot more music on a device nowadays. 


This is a ridiculous and a slap in the face to your loyal, paying customers. There is absolutely no reason why I, as a paying user, cannot choose to store all of my 9,999 downloaded songs on one device. This becomes more of a problem, the longer I am a user and the more music I accumulate. If this persists, I, and I imagine many other users, will switch to a rival platform without these vague, unintelligible limits. 

Casual Listener

'We don't have any plans'

A year since the lsat Spotify comment on this issue - When will you start listening to your customers and update your policy on this?


I appriciate you have contractual obligations with Record companies/artists etc, but what good is having 3,333 on 3 different devices? Should i buy and then carry 3 iPhones with me at all times?


Update your policy to allow dynamic downloading of a max 9,999 across multiple devices!


I don't understand why there is a 3333 limit. And it is even harder to make people understand why this limit is a problem. But I will try too, once again, as many others probably did so far. 


People have different kinds of music habits. For me and many more, the most important thing is to have all your archive with you, ready to be listened to, anytime. 


I will try to show you better how limiting the 3333 limit is. (Which is not exactly 3333 songs btw, more like 3333 slots for items)


Let's assume 1 album have 12 songs approx. So we need 13 slots for 1 album. 3333/13 makes 256 albums approx. Let's say an artist/band have 5 albums in average. 256/5 makes 51 bands/artists approx. And that's the best best case scenario. 51 bands, 5 albums for each.


So spotify, really, do you really want to leave those customers who wants more than 5 albums of more than 51 bands on their devices out? If so, it is easy to leave, and 1-day work to organize an archive in another streaming service.


And about that 10000 limit divided to 3 devices.. Just, why? 


I hope someone there can walk in our shoes. Because I can walk in your shoes. As you are real the music-enthusiasts who use spotify and work for spotify, this 3333 limit is limiting for you too, I know. I can't help it, but YOU can.


Do something.



This sucks. I need offline on PC because of data caps. I have many varied playlists for all my daily activities. This division for 3 devices doesn't make sense and limits how many playlists I can hear which I've worked hard at curating.


C'mon Spotify at least explain why we can't have it and maybe we'll be more understanding, but I hate how on every issue which many users desire you're only reply is: "No, **bleep** you". 


Why so secretive?

They kind of did describe it, in either this thread or in another similar thread that has a similar subject. They state that it is part of their agreements with licensing and copyright.

This doesn't really make sense to us, because most of the other downloading music services allow much more, if not an infinite amount, of songs to be downloaded.

Keep up the comments though. They will soon be losing more customers, and will be forced to change.

I am considering moving to google play music to get around the issue of a 3333 track limit. Increasing the limit to 10000 on one device would stop me moving for the time being.

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I hope this limit on 1 device will change...I mean what is your rationale on this?  To make it harder for the user?  As long is the user is paying the premium, why not let him enjoy the whole package.  If i knew there was going to be a limit, i wouldnt have bothered subscribing and just continued collecting my songs the traditional way.  I thought the goal here is "ease of use"...Hope spotify guys will reconsider...



I know this is an old request and an old thread, but just wanted to add another voice to the cause.


I just hit the song limit that I didn't know existed, really annoying. I don't see any reason why we can't have all 9,999 songs on one device, especially if you already let us have 3,333 on three devices. It doesn't make any difference to you guys and it's very frustrating for your paying members. 9,999 is an understandable and totally doable limit, but 3,333 per device is much less accomodating. Makes me want to go back to torrenting. Let us have all our songs on one device!