[All Platforms] Bookmark Position in an Audiobook or Podcast

Hey there,

Now that Spotify have added a bunch of Audiobooks and Podcasts, I think it would be a nice idea to have the option to:
Pause your audiobook/podcast > go back to listening to music > and then be able to get back to your book/podcast and pick up where you left of, without having to memorize the time that you paused.

What do you think?


Have a good enough day!

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Updated on 2018-10-15

Hey everyone,

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We're setting this one to implemented.
Although there's not a specific 'bookmarking' feature, Spotify does now keep track of where you left off in a podcast, and store that progress for you across your devices and sessions.

If you'd like to see the same behaviour for audio books, we'd recommend making a new Community Idea for this. In the meantime, we've passed all of your feedback along to the right teams.



Hello, this feature shout be in state "very important". Always when i open spotify in offline mode, it has forgotten the last position of my audio book or when i change the playlist of course . I'm a programmer and i think this is not to difficult to realize. In Spotify is already a list of "Last Played" (List of Last played playlists), there should be the track added too.


Nevertheless, it was cool to find out that i can hear audio books in spotify ^^ and i very appreciate this feature in Spotify.




Make it happen 🙂 


Yeah, please make it a function & category like "Podcasts". Give the people what they want! 🙂

As a little workaround, there's a great app called "Spooks", which lists all Spotify Audiobooks and you can start and stop where you like!

Casual Listener

@klookster11: When I want to play an audio book with Spooks, it only links to Spotify which then opens in Safari or the Spotify app.

Hi there again,
There is a great Android App available named “Audiobookplayer for Spotify“.
It is almost perfect, but Spotify doesn't allow third party apps to
download tracks. So it is worthless.
Please -Spotify Guys -look at the app and release a Audio book App. I
belief you are able to.
Best regards
Hi philipp_hh, yes, I noticed that, too, which is pretty odd. I was shure
it worked in-app before... one more reason for Spotify to get that done.. 😉
but at least the app is a directory for audiobooks and for me that's worth
a lot. Sorry for raising false expectations.

Yes, PLEASE! I would really, really love that feature, too!


Still not on your development roadmap? I would love this functionality!


Please implement!!!


I can't beliebe that Spotify provides an audiobook player without the option of placing bookmarks. Even deezer users can use bookmarks.