[All Platforms] Bookmark Position in an Audiobook or Podcast

Hey there,

Now that Spotify have added a bunch of Audiobooks and Podcasts, I think it would be a nice idea to have the option to:
Pause your audiobook/podcast > go back to listening to music > and then be able to get back to your book/podcast and pick up where you left of, without having to memorize the time that you paused.

What do you think?


Have a good enough day!

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Updated on 2018-10-15

Hey everyone,

Thanks for coming to the Community.

We're setting this one to implemented.
Although there's not a specific 'bookmarking' feature, Spotify does now keep track of where you left off in a podcast, and store that progress for you across your devices and sessions.

If you'd like to see the same behaviour for audio books, we'd recommend making a new Community Idea for this. In the meantime, we've passed all of your feedback along to the right teams.



Hi to all,


what about the above mentioned idea? Meanwhile it is 2017 and I can't find any bookmark feature for audio books.

I wrote them on Twitter to @SpotifyCares, the more people write them about
this issue the more it gets relevant.
Casual Listener
I send them a Tweet too and almost instantaneously got a reply:

"Hi there. Thanks for the feedback. We'll make sure it's passed on to the
right team! /TC"

This would be a great value for me. Switching from Audiobooks to Music and back would save me a lot of time of finding the resuming point of my audiobook. 


I just joined Spotify in order to listen to music on all my decises. but I do so in different moods (e.g. Car I like to listen to audio books, at the gym to some more motivating and so on) being not able to keep track of my "resume play" seems like a reason to quite directly.


and srsly - that issue has been addressed like 2 + years ago - and nothing happened.


 SPOTIFY - please do something about it. - NOW


Why is this still not working? Right now the audiobooks are useless


Hey Spotify guys - 


how about you just make it that Spotify remembers the status of your playlists (lets say last 10 playlists) that way we audiobook guys would be happy but it's also nice thing to have.

imagine you have following playlist







you just want to make sure to continuee where you stopped.

i mean how difficult can it be? amazon has it, plex has it - get you fingers on those keyboards and give it to us.




It's about time you add a bookmark feature. Having audiobooks and no bookmarks is like having a car without a driverslicens. Shure you can do it but it sucks!


Not applicable

Would be great


spotify and audiobooks is like politics and trump.

not so good.

need fix to resume an audiobook without being my mobiles monkey!!!