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[All Platforms] Bookmark Position in an Audiobook or Podcast

Hey there,

Now that Spotify have added a bunch of Audiobooks and Podcasts, I think it would be a nice idea to have the option to:
Pause your audiobook/podcast > go back to listening to music > and then be able to get back to your book/podcast and pick up where you left of, without having to memorize the time that you paused.

What do you think?


Have a good enough day!

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Updated on 2018-10-15

Hey everyone,

Thanks for coming to the Community.

We're setting this one to implemented.
Although there's not a specific 'bookmarking' feature, Spotify does now keep track of where you left off in a podcast, and store that progress for you across your devices and sessions.

If you'd like to see the same behaviour for audio books, we'd recommend making a new Community Idea for this. In the meantime, we've passed all of your feedback along to the right teams.



We really need this feature. Why is it not there already. Come on it is 2016!

So true, im wondering if anyone from Spotify is reading this.
Just do what the paying community wants you to do.

Thank you soooo much "Bobo7". Finally a comment that helped me out. As nobody from Spotify appears interessted I decided to switch from Spotify to Deezer for now. The sad story is, even the critics in the media do not see this problem. I just found an old article in the german press that rated Spotify over Deezer as Spotify had more top 10 selling audio books to listen to. What else do I need to say.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish  🙂

+1 from me as well... Let's see how long this can be ignored.. Really a shame that people need to leave Spotify because of stuff like this 😞

Bookmarking feature is really important. Still thinking about switching to Deezer.


Just registered a new premium account cause I read that Spotify offers a lot of audiobooks. Now I realized how stupid the playback is. Sorry but its not useful at all, you can save money for additonal ebooks without a function for bookmarking and switch to music and back it is senseless.



Looks like Spotify doesn't care about such a basic feature...


imho that's not only nice to have, it's a must to remember the position where the user has left a playlist. It doesn't matter, if it is a music or an audiobook playlist. Then the user can decide to start from the beginning or just continue. I'll check out Deezer


Sorry Spotify, but i you give a **bleep** about your customers, i give a **bleep** about you. Im off. Checking Deezer.


has this been implemented? we could really use a bookmark feature for the middle of a track.

No it's still not implemented, I really don't know what the problem is? Spotify is giving a **bleep** about the customers.