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Status: Implemented

Its ridiculous that such useful feature is removed while the annoying behind the lyrics is still there instead of lyrics.

We want the Appears On section back!

Stop disabling good functions that provide help to customers!


Updated on 2020-07-15

Hey there folks,

Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're happy to announce that the Appears On section should now be back.

Thanks, and happy listening!


This has a severely negative impact on music discovery and listening by artist for anyone not using the web app.


To give verbose example of something that previous posts have mentioned, compilation albums by "various artists" now show up literally nowhere unless the tracks are listed under Popular for an artist. The album is basically orphaned from any ties to the artist. Forcing people to discover these albums via Spotify's internal algorithms is a very bad UX

Here's PSYQUI's artist profile as an example. If I want to listen to their music, now my only options are their one single and top 10 most popular tracks (heavily dependent on Spotify's discovery algorithms) on the artist's page, or by search for "PSYQUI" and browsing the Song results (luckily PSYQUI is a unique name in this case) :



(If you view the artist in the web app for comparison as of when I wrote this post, you will see an additional 41 albums that they appear on)


If I view the album of their most popular track right now, I get the following compilation album. None of these songs show up on the artists' pages unless they are under the Popular tracks:



Note that there are two tracks by PSYQUI - the second track shows up nowhere in Spotify now except on this album screen. If this album had zero tracks that Spotify deemed "Popular," I would not be able to find this album unless I searched for the album name or a track I already knew (presumably discovered on a platform that is not Spotify). And if the user is forced to discover music for this artist on a platform that is not Spotify, why use Spotify for this artist in the first place? 



Electronic musicians often get their start remixing other artist singles and EPs, and have tracks that are only released on compilations. By removing the Appears On section, you're effectively killing off half of an artist's discography. This is especially true for drum n' bass. I've built a playlist of 1100 songs, over half of which were found surfing an artist's Appears On section. 

For those troubled by this change, is a good way to follow artists if you scrobble your listens, but it's only a good solution for new releases.


The back-asswards way Spotify handles features and multiple artists is nothing short of idiotic. Prove to us, the artists that make the music your business runs on, that you're capable of fixing this mess you've made, by taking the first step and bringing back Appears On.


This is a huge slap to remixers and vocalists who cover songs. If this change is permanent, I will be cancelling my premium subscription. Spotify continues to remove feature after feature and this will be the final straw that causes me to cancel.

I have used Spotify since 2011 and have loved it very much and always an advocate of the service other music platforms. But the lack of concern for paying artists appropriately, removal of features through the years, and now this "Appears On" issue is too much. I find so much new music through the section and it's a huge blow, especially being a DJ.

Look across Twitter, forums, and other social media and you will find the community infuriated as well that this feature was removed from Spotify.


Literally just bring it the *** back. Spotify would be and have nothing if not for the artists that use it, removing Appears On is an insult to remix artists, vocalists, producers, compilation artists and everyone else who will have a fractured artist profile as a result. This is one tiny gesture that could be made, in which Spotify could show the artists they actually care. You already get to practically pick and choose who succeeds and who fails with editorial playlists, the pay for artists is ridiculous - the removal of this feature is ***ing stupid. 


I love the fact that a request to reinstate a long-established function which has disappeared with no warning at all is marked as a "new issue"!


Bring back ! 


We reached 500 votes that's amazing!! 

Now spotify has to bring back the feature 


ah yes let me search up "Various Artists" and then maybe I will be able to find that new song an artist I follow released on a new compilation



pointless to remove this 


Yes!! It passed 500 votes!!

Bring this feature back, Spotify!!!

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