[All Platforms][Browse] Bring back Appears On section

Status: Implemented

Its ridiculous that such useful feature is removed while the annoying behind the lyrics is still there instead of lyrics.

We want the Appears On section back!

Stop disabling good functions that provide help to customers!


Updated on 2020-07-15

Hey there folks,

Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're happy to announce that the Appears On section should now be back.

Thanks, and happy listening!


Please bring it back!


You took money from me without my permission. You did not give a premium membership. This is not legal.🤬


You might want to check out Tracknack,  an app currently in development for tracking appearances of solo artists, producers, songwriters, composers etc. It would find new releases for credited artists you like and automatically push them to a Spotify playlist for you. Let me know if you'd find it useful!


It's very frustrating that it requires at least 500 votes on here for Spotify to even bring it up with their team too, especially when way more than that have already complained about the section being removed.

Send this page around to as many people as you can, guys! Let's get this past 500 and get Appears On back! 🙂


This is a travesty.


**bleep**, plain and simple. Why remove maybe the #1 reason I have come back to Spotify after testing out their competitors?


Please bring this feature back immediately or I'm cancelling my subscription. PLEASE STOP REMOVING THINGS PEOPLE USE EVERY DAY. 


As a long time premium subscriber I'm immensely disappointed that I'm BEING FORCED to pay for unwanted and unexpected DOWNGRADES IN BOTH FUNCTIONALITY AND SERVICE. 


For nearly 3 months Spotify has been giving us the runaround over the removal of the "Appears On" section, requesting technical info, directing us to uninstall and reinstall, YET NOW THEY ADMIT THE REMOVAL WAS INTENTIONAL?!




Please bring it back! The "appears on" feature is crucial for those of us who follow jazz. Top level musicians may release some albums under their own name, but likely appear on many albums released by other artists. The "appears on" feature was never perfect, but at least it pointed you to a broader range of the artist's work. Now I have to search online to find information that used to be built into the application! Very frustrating...