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Status: Implemented

Its ridiculous that such useful feature is removed while the annoying behind the lyrics is still there instead of lyrics.

We want the Appears On section back!

Stop disabling good functions that provide help to customers!


Updated on 2020-07-15

Hey there folks,

Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're happy to announce that the Appears On section should now be back.

Thanks, and happy listening!


500!!! it's time!! 


Added my vote.
I miss this feature.

It can be hard to find soundtracks or compilations without it.


Please bring it back


We want this feature back! How cruel that the songs that artists are featured in dont even appear on their profiles anymore? This feature was clearly used by all types of people listening to many different genres. It was the easiest/best way to find new music related to artists you know/love. Spotify you need to pay attention to what the consumers want! you are going to lose people this way. i am already looking at alternatives.


"We've gone ahead and marked this as a new idea."


It's not a new idea, it's a great feature that Spotify got rid of for some completely inexplicable reason. Compilations are now almost impossible to discover and some artist pages show that they have popular tracks but no albums/singles to view.


I thought it was just me missing the Appears On section. After reading how basically Spotify lied to the community, I am pretty done with this service. Why am I paying for premium when these updates keep making the App worse. Then the service can care less about the customers whom are clearly upset. Money talks, and mine will be finding a new streaming service. HERE'S A SOLUTION. Lol what a joke! My comment was edited. They removed me saying I'm switching to Tidal. I will be switching to Tidal now lol

The removal of "appears on" is completely unacceptable and a sign of extreme decision making issues at Spotify. Additionally it looks like you either lied to the community about its removal initially or have such horrible internal release notes/change control that your help team wasn't even aware your Product Management/ Dev team axed it. Either way, I won't be giving you any more money. I have cancelled my Premium membership, made all of my playlists with hundreds of followers private, and will be using (and paying for) a competitors service until this feature is restored.


[Deleted Comment]




Bring back the 'Appears On' Feature on all platforms. It is absolutely essential for all artists across various genres. As a producer, I release on Various Artists Compilation Albums, and with the removal of this feature, it renders much of my work practically invisible. What I don't understand, is wouldn't users be spending more time on Spotify if they had more of their favorite artists' projects to sift through??


It actually makes zero sense at all. 


If Spotify cares at all bout their community of creators then they will bring this feature back instead of giving us the runaround. 




Absolutely unbelievable! Well, actually it is believable. What are the product managers smoking?


I look forward to 43+ pages of comments over 6 years and it never be acknowledged. I give up.

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