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[All Platforms] Make Shuffle Icons Discernible for Color Blind Users

I love Spotify, and find its color scheme generally pleasing. However, I'm horifically color blind and have to really struggle to figure out when shuffle is on while using the mobile app. I'm not quite sure how this could be rectified while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic, but I thought I'd mention it because I assume other people might have this problem.

Overall very minor issue, though.

Currently trending on reddit with 17 thousand upvotes is a post asking for you guys to add a curcle or something maybe to the shuffle icon when its on. Just fyi sometimes people have a tendency not to contact support and submit a comment (:

Misspelled circle 🌚👍🏽


This became a hugely successful post on reddit, I'm sure they'll implement something sometime soonish

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Updated: 2017-01-17

Marked as new idea. This is a repost of the following inactive idea.


Surely the way the app is programmed allows a way of implementing some kind of color-blind mode without taking the whole thing apart.


(Btw a toggle would also be a comfortably discrete change with the alternative being altering the design for everyone.) 


I struggle with this ALL the time, especially in low ambient lighting. I often have to switch back and forth through a playlist to see if it is shuffled or not. I really hope this is on a new roll-out soon!



YES! This. 


Viable solution—the number 1 on the REPEAT button is quite clear to its function and how my music will play. How do we get more clear indicators like this?


erhaps a checkmark to show the function is active. Or a different icon altogether to indicate the different playing modes. See image below for viable solutions. (see image below)Image 1.png


I would also like to say this needs to be done. 


This is needed not just for color blind people, but also those that have a hard time seeing to begin with. 


Yes, it took me a week to figure out how to turn off shuffle because it looks identical to me whether enabled or not. To the developer... Although I am color blind, it is very rare for it to affect me day to day, but the shuffle and repeat buttons are my kryptonite. The repeat once button is fine because the icon changed. I think the best solution would be for the icons to change. Repeat forever is the same as now, repeat once is that same as now, repeat off is either a straight arrow or the current icon with an "x" through it. The shuffle icon should also change so that the current icon means shuffle enabled, and shuffle disabled would be consecutive arrows, maybe making in "s" shape or something.