[All Platforms][Other] Allow SongShift and others to export songs again

Status: Implemented

So Spotify decided to bully platforms like SongShift, which allow you to transfer songs, albums and playlists between different services, into removing key features from their platforms. If SongShift didn't remove the feature to export songs and playlists from Spotify to other services, Spotify would revoke their API connection.


It is however, still allowed to import songs and playlists from other services into Spotify. How hypocritical, Spotify.


And since you guys now own most of the music industry, maybe it's time to think of the little guys.


Maybe, it's Time To Play Fair. Sound familiar?

Updated on 2020-11-04

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Along the lines of what @MattSuda stated here, this should now be implemented.


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This is a major issue for me too. I use Spotify for everything except when using my stereo Homepods (as Spotify refuse to implement Airplay 2 that allow them to play in sync) and without being able to sync playlists I really don't know if I can remain. 


It's funny, I just got off a support chat in which they told me that syncing playlists amounts to "bootlegging". If anything, I pay twice for the same music. What are they on about?


Syncing playlists is definitely not bootlegging. If that's the best excuse Spotify can come up with, that's just hilariously bad.


I moved over to Spotify from Rdio when that service shut down several years ago. I'd made dozens of playlists there, and I did a lot of work, using the Rdio and Spotify APIs, to make sure all of my playlists made the transition. Since then I've made dozens more playlists on Spotify. Because they're public, they benefit Spotify as well as myself. 


It is incredibly important to me that I be able to hold onto those playlists if I chose to move to another service or at any point Spotify ceases operation. Beyond the shady business tactics of letting users transition in but not out, this is simply a crucial feature you've hindered. I've never before really considered cancelling my Spotify account and moving elsewhere, but it's hard for me to want to invest more time in this platform knowing Spotify doesn't consider those playlists really mine. Seems like it'd be smarter for me to cut my losses now and move to a platform with more respect for its users than continue to operate in this walled garden and hope nothing ever goes wrong.


Please reconsider this decision.


I must say the decision from Spotify to limit support for the service SongShift provides is a very poor one. It's the kind of behaviour we see from the majors like Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook all the time, and I thought a company like Spotify that started as a disruptor of traditional markets would have been different. Seems Spotify is intent on planting its flag in the big boys camp, and I am very disappointed about that. I certainly hope the development team can find a way to work with SongShift and let them reintroduce their excellent playlist syncing facility again.


A poor man's attempt at vendor lock-in...
Meanwhile Apple One seems to be their way of saying: 'Dont take us to court or we will Uber you'

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Updated on 2020-10-19

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This hit Daring Fireball as well:


I brought this up with my partner and she said "I don't care how much I like Spotify, I don't want to use them if they lock in my playlists and likes". I found another company that has playlist syncing functionality that hasn't been blocked (yet!) and used them to move our whole family to Apple Music. While Apple products have their own limitations, they've never held my data hostage. I doubt we'll be Spotify customers again unless this policy is reversed.


Update from SongShift here:


Update: October 21, 2020

With the release of SongShift v5.1.3, you will again be able to transfer playlists from Spotify to another service. The only caveat is, you have to have created the playlist yourself, or the playlist must be collaborative and followed by you.



Curated playlists created by Spotify are not eligible for transfer.


In Closing

We are incredibly grateful to Spotify for updating its Developer TOS to allow these transfers. We're excited to continue to provide you a great music transfer experience.

Status changed to: Implemented

Updated on 2020-11-04

Hey folks,


Thanks for your feedback and suggestions on this one!


Along the lines of what @MattSuda stated here, this should now be implemented.


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Wow! This is indeed great news. Thank you, Spotify! (Now go implement Airplay 2 also!)