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[All Platforms][Other] Do not make ads with car horns in them.

Seriously, this is a safety issue. 


I cannot tell you the times when I've been running on the sidewalk in town, or driving through an intersection and that ad plays. All of a sudden I think someone is honking at me, as if they are about to hit me, or I did something wrong, went through the intersection at the wrong time or someone got cut off, or I'm about to get hit by a car as I run through a  crosswalk. I take my foot off the gass pedal and almost slam down on my brake. I have to look around to make sure nothing is going to hit me, then I realize its the Spotify Premium Ad. 


Honesly, I equate it to yelling "Fire!" in a movie theater. 


Replace it with a different ad, I'm not saying play them less frequently for free users, I get it, we're borrowing a service that you should pay for, so by all means play an ad here and there. Just not one that jars you because you think something dangerous is happening around you. 


Change it to a boring boss talking in a meeting, then to a traffic noise (no car horns) or something like that. I just don't like an ad that freaks me out like a car accident is about to occur. 

Updated on 2017-10-24

Thanks to everyone that voted on this idea, I can confirm that we are not serving ads that contain car horn sounds.  We were previously, however they've since been paused. Our teams are working hard to ensure they are not a part of new audio assets moving forward. 


Your feedback here makes a direct difference at Spotify. Thanks again!


I agree 1000%!!


This thread has been around since October and no action since Spotify.  Very dissappointing.  I am not the type of person to post on these boards, but this ad has been on my last nerve.  I jump almost everytime this ad comes on while driving.  Not safe!


I was negotiating an intersection when that cursed ad came on, and instinctively jerked the steering wheel and almost got in a wreck.


This just happened to me today as well. The car horns in the ad freaked me out so much I swerved in my car while driving. It almost got me in an accident.


I also came onto this site specifically to complain about the honking horns ad. Slammed on the breaks in an intersection because I thought people were alerting me to a car running the light. Got hit from behind. The rest of the ad makes sense, so maybe just replace the horns with audio clips of people talking over each other (using corporate speak) at a meeting - "We're introducing a new strategic initiative" "My team doesn't have the bandwidth to take on another project" "Does this product address our users' main pain points?"

Oh my god. See, this has gone too far. You actually got into an accident which is what the rest of us are afraid of. Spotify needs to fix it. Hope everything turned out alright.

I completely agree. I was trying to find an email or something I could contact Spotify about this issue, but all I could find are these forums. I really wish Spotify would fix this issue because not only is it dangerous and distracting while I'm driving, but it is also loud and scares me every time it comes on. This ad plays constantly on my app and it is really obnoxious. I'm hoping this post gets enough attention that Spotify can fix the issue and change the commercial to something less dangerous for drivers. 


I agree with everything people have been saying. How has this ad still been hanging around for such a long time?

It's because last year (2015) when they were playing that annoying ads, it was the time for them to promoting a deal which was $0.99 for first 3 months premium account. And this deal ends at 12/31/2015. That's why they tried so hard to annoying people to get purchase for premium account. After deal ends, they changed that ads, it's like people applause in the baseball game like, less annoying but still trying to annoying us this year...
Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it
Updated: 2016-02-16

Hi there @Fa11enAngeLIV thank you for reporting this complaint to us. We also think this is a good idea and we're speaking with our Ads Team about this now. If you all experience any future issues with ads that have car horns please let us know. Thanks!