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I love this service. My wife and I are both premium subscribers. I really hate being tied down to an archaic service like iTunes, but for my kids, I really have no choice. I would happily pay for more premium subscriptions for my kids to have their own Spotify accounts if there was a way I could make sure explicit songs are blocked. I dont care if this is a free feature, I am happy to pay for it. Until it exists or my kids get a lot older, its money you are leaving on the table Spotify. I have to think I am not the only parent who would be happy to pay for this. Seems easy enough to implement, so why not make it another reason to go premium?


Updated on 2020-09-14

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We're happy to announce that this should be now implemented.  For more info, take a look here.


Keep in mind that you can always share a new idea if there's any specific feature you're missing.


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Please do this.  How do you expect me to upgrade to the family plan if you only provide dirty lyrics?


I currently pay for Premium. My kids (7 and 9) love music but have i have to be so quick on the buttons when they're listening to avoid inappropriate tracks.  I'd happily upgrade to a family account if, and only IF, Spotify sort out parently controls.  At the moment I stick to single Premium becuase i can remotely control what's going on from my mobile.


Please sort this one Spotify.  I otherwise love the service.


I'm a parent who's daughter is listening to all the explicit content which I really want to filter. Plus I don't want to hear it either.



What is the point of the new FAMILY PLANS without PARENTAL CONTROLS to block explicit lyrics? I just upgraded my premium account to a family plan, but now that I realize I can't block explicit songs I'm going to have to cancel it. Back to Pandora it is for th kids...

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I've made a Windows/Mac app that will enable users to automatically skip songs that are marked as Explicit. Hopefully this will help people out until Spotify finally introduces this feature.


Spotless - a free Spotify Profanity Filter


Get it here:

Pandora has parental controls, if spotify is supposedly better, why does it not have parental controls as well?

Spotify clearly "wins" the war.  They are/will be the Netflix of music.  This is clearly an obvious feature that they are missing.  If they are reading the forums then someone needs to post something like "it is on the roadmap" and it's slated for version "xx" so we can stop pounding them and just wait for version "xx".  Like the previous post said, it they are now offering family plans, then this is needed.  My 10 year old just asked me for my Spotify password and I said: "no, I will create you your own account." and then I thought OMG he will hit the Pop radio station  and see the Rihanna Uapologetic cover...  I am tired of skipping the naughty songs while I am in the car with the kids.  Spotify, just tell us that it's coming!

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THIS IS HUGE! IT NEEDS PARENTAL CONTROLS. I have to use I tunes instead.

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This is increasingly a glaring omission, but then this is the company that allows you to take out a family plan but offer no way to add additional members after you've upgraded to the plan.