[All Platforms] Parental Controls

I love this service. My wife and I are both premium subscribers. I really hate being tied down to an archaic service like iTunes, but for my kids, I really have no choice. I would happily pay for more premium subscriptions for my kids to have their own Spotify accounts if there was a way I could make sure explicit songs are blocked. I dont care if this is a free feature, I am happy to pay for it. Until it exists or my kids get a lot older, its money you are leaving on the table Spotify. I have to think I am not the only parent who would be happy to pay for this. Seems easy enough to implement, so why not make it another reason to go premium?


Updated on 2020-09-14

Hey there folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.


We're happy to announce that this should be now implemented.  For more info, take a look here.


Keep in mind that you can always share a new idea if there's any specific feature you're missing.


Thanks, and happy listening!


YES! Finally! I wish we would have had this option years ago, but I'm happy to have it now.


My teenagers are so mad at me right now.


Can anyone confirm this block pornography album covers?

Pornography isn't allowed on album covers, so this is a non-issue.

Yes, parental control now available and working perfectly. The account owner can manage all accounts. Shocking to see how many tracks get filtered but that's another matter 


What about us who cant afford premium, honestly, thats just rediculous, i am all about your idea but i cannot afford premium, i would love it to be part of both subscriptions, free and premium.

Casual Listener are saying "if you cant afford PREMIUM you dont have the ability for "Explicit Music" filter???  IF that's the case, they NEED to address this ASAP.      (but dont hold your ONLY TOOK Spotify 8+years to ADD the filter for children)   I WISH I could cancel, but I've invested TOO MUCH into my BOSE Equipment (streaming contract w/Spotify, Bose has no access to AppleMusic) .  Buy Sonos instead.

I’m not sure what’s confusing about this. The app already has the explicit
filter built into it - for both free and premium. Go into settings and
enable it. What they’re talking about concerns FAMILY accounts and the
ability to manage explicit lyric filtering at the account level for
sub-accounts. Make sense?
Can you send a link that explains that? It makes me think they finally
addressed my issue, but it still may be too late. I may be too far
invested in Apple now to go back to Spotify.