[All Platforms][Playlists] Skipping songs in a playlist that you are not the creator of

Status: Implemented

I'd like to have the ability to choose "Do not play" on specific songs. Meaning no matter where those songs come up that music will not play. I've already gave those songs a try and know I do not like it so not sure why I have to keep experiencing it.

Updated on 2020-04-21


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this.
We're marking this idea as implemented!

It's now possible to hide tracks within any playlist on mobile.
Just head to the context menu (three dots), and tap "Hide song". The song will be marked as "Hidden", meaning it'll no longer play in that playlist. This can be undone at any time too.


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Is there any reason that this isn't available on our own playlists as well ?
I realise that it's possible to manually remove them, but sometimes I don't want to do that.

Please add this for the desktop app.


Also, songs not being hidden in Radios is really annoying.


Sounds great.  But in the past, I found that all my "dislikes" or "hide this song" selections were lost when I uninstalled and reinstalled the app -- in other words, those selections were saved locally on my device, rather than being saved in the cloud as "likes" or "hearts" are.  Could you clarify how it is implemented?


The idea was marked as "All Platforms".  The feature is only available in mobile.  This is clearly NOT an "implemented" idea.  Maybe it can be marked as "Halfway implemented" ?


Does that include playlists that I did create? Would be useful when I create one of those "song poll" playlists for lots of people to listen to, but have decided one song on it is terrible and don't want to keep hearing it. For everyone else it will still be there and they won't know I'm not listening to it.



That is a good feature but why not allow this on a playlists that I created myself?

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