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[All Platforms][Playlists] Switch on/off crossfade in certain playlists

Hello Community!


In Spotify there are some playlists with automatic crossfade. That means there's a smooth transition between songs. However, not everyone likes that, since the next song starts later (from minute 0:45, 0:26, 1:02...). That's why I thought it would be a good idea a to have the ability to switch it on and off depending on what the user prefers.

That way, there wouldn't be any problems with that.


This is an example of one of the playlists:


In my opinion, it would be a good idea. If you agree, make sure to leave your vote/comment and hopefully they'll consider this idea.

Updated on 2020-01-15

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community.

As mentioned in many of the recent comments here, you can now head to Settings and turn off 'Automix'.
Hopefully this helps!


I don't exactly know how Spotify generates the song start offsets but as discover weekly is generated by an AI and not directly curated, it makes sense that those playlists don't have this behavior. I've only seen a small amount of playlists that actually do this, most of the curated playlists I listen I don't do this. (The only one I've actually inspected is "Deep House Relax")

Techno Bunker does this as well. It's really annoying when I want to put
the songs on shuffle and they start a minute or two in.

Do you think that it might be something done manually? Like they have someone at spotify creating this playlist and when doing that they set that song X should overlap song Y with specific amount of time. So intstead of having a single long song mix like DJ:s create on youtube, they have the same functionallity of mixing. But with separate songs. (Probably makes licensing easier)


Or is there anything indicating that this is done automaically?


I think the crossfade is done by the usual crossfade method but the offset times might be calculated differently. The curator might actually set the offset times manually, it's done randomly or by AI/heuristic. But the fact that a certain playlist has this feature is most likely set manually. It seems this is more common for "background"-type music playlists.


Then it might be good to have a switch on the playlist, that could turn off the crossfade for this specific playlist. Could be beside the follow switch. This would make it easy to turn it on/off when you want. And possibly a switch in the settings to completly turn of the abillity to use autocrossfade. Like if you for example want to listen to the playlist in private and don't want to have crossfade on, just turn it off. But if you are playing music on speakers and want to use autocrossfade you can do that very easily. But if you absolutely hate it, you can turn it off completely.

Just contacted customer support and I got a worthless default reply. I
guess their support staff has no idea what I'm asking. If this isn't fixed
soon I'll be cancelling my premium.

Please add an on off feature to the auto fade. I use spotify because I like the pre made playlists but I don't like to be told how to control the way I listen. 


I hate this feature! Also thought it was a bug. Wish it had an on/off button! I stopped listening to the playlist (deep house relax) because of it. Definitely not relaxing to have it switch so abruptly to the middle (typically about 2 minutes in) of the song.


This "feature" ruins playlists. Ok lets say I want some wonky "dj set" crafted by an unknown spotify does not act SMOOTH at all if you shuffle! I discover this issue every time only through ears due to it just cutting music off and then a new track starting in the middle of a beat, no buildup, no context. Pure cancer, remove this bs or turn it off!


Why is this even a thing? It's so intrusive to my listening experience