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[All Platforms][Playlists] Switch on/off crossfade in certain playlists

Hello Community!


In Spotify there are some playlists with automatic crossfade. That means there's a smooth transition between songs. However, not everyone likes that, since the next song starts later (from minute 0:45, 0:26, 1:02...). That's why I thought it would be a good idea a to have the ability to switch it on and off depending on what the user prefers.

That way, there wouldn't be any problems with that.


This is an example of one of the playlists:


In my opinion, it would be a good idea. If you agree, make sure to leave your vote/comment and hopefully they'll consider this idea.

Updated on 2020-01-15

Hey folks,


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As mentioned in many of the recent comments here, you can now head to Settings and turn off 'Automix'.
Hopefully this helps!


I have several playlist that I listen to where I have noticed that auto crossfade has been implemented. PLEASE INSERT THIS OPTION!! While there are times where this would be extremely useful, the majority of the time I'm finding myself breaking focus and going into Spotify to start the song from the very beginning; very annoying. My humble opinion: either give the option to choose or don't use auto crossfade. Thanks for all your hard work!!


Why bother providing a "crossfade songs" setting to users if it's completely disregarded?   That's just bad UX and should accurately be relabelled to "crossfade songs (except when we decide otherwise)".  


If there's no intention to respect this user preference, labelling playlists with a "forced crossfade" tag will help properly set user expectations for the listening experience. 


Also, I had thought that crossfade should only kick in as one song naturally ends and the other begins for the sake of a (smooth) transition.  If I manually skip to the next song, please start me at the start - not a minute in.  


@manafire Spotify seems to make a distinction between the normal crossfade you can toggle with a setting and this special playlist "mixed crossfade" (as I'm going to call it).

  • Normal crossfade turns off when turned off with the setting. Its length can be changed using another setting ranging from 0 to 12 seconds. (as far as I remember).
  • Mixed crossfade cannot be disabled. It appears on certain playlists and starts songs at a predefined point that seems to range from the start of the song up to about 1:30 minutes in.
Exactly. The problem is the mixing is badly done and jarring. If it was
professionally done then it wouldn't be so bad but it's not. Either way
they should have "mixed" playlist and non mixed ones. I like to have my
dance music playlist on shuffle and HATE that the songs will just start at
random points.

I think it's pretty dumb of Spotify to override user's preferance. This is really annoying. Especially since there's no indication in the UI that this is a playlist specific setting that users can't control. And extra dumb because I've explicitly turned crossfading off in my settings. If there's gonna be a setting for playlists, you should add it there so there are 3 modes to that settings:


- off (actually off everywhere)

- on (some playlists)

- on (everywhere)




What a stupid feature indeed. It is ridiculous to say the least. Crossfade option is already there for the user to choose whether they want it or not REGARDLESS OF THE PLAYLIST THEY ARE LISTENING TO. If it is set to OFF why the *** it is being ignored? That's it. It's sad to see Spotify doesn't give a ****. There's no need to add another stupid button to confuse people even more, just make the existing one to work as expected in any playlist.


@marcos744 please keep it calm and civil. Getting upset isn't going to fix this issue faster.


I have actually gotten this issue to Spotify as a technical support issue and they said they'd look into it and get back to me once they've done it. They have not responded since my tech support call. I'll post here when something happens.

They just runined another playlist with this feature. "I love 90s hip hop"
has this "automix" feature enabled now. It will literally skip the intro of
songs and get straight to the verses alot of times and I hate that. I love
intros to old school hip hop. This is a stupid feature that needs to be

Jup, Brain Food and Lo-Fi Beats are now ruined as well. Thought it was a bug but turns out to be a "feature".


I don't get it why this would be set in the playlist when there is a setting for that in the settings page.

Crossfade should also be max 5 seconds, not 30ish seconds offset in the next song... Others songs starts very strong this way and not a nice listening experience.

Please remove it al together or add a option to disable this asap.

If not it's bye bye Spotify


PLEAAASE,  Spotify. I understand that some users might like this. Personally, it sounds terrible and all I want is the option to turn it off.