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[All Platforms][Podcasts] Podcast in Russia


Make possible to listen podcasts for Russian users of Spotify.

Updated on 2021-10-29

Hi everyone,
This idea was previously closed, as we in the Community team cannot influence content related request.
Nevertheless, we've been keeping an eye on it and are happy to announce that Podcasts are now available in Russia.
Thank you for your patience and happy listening!
Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2020-08-04

Hey there @BlessedBaka,


Thanks for submitting your idea! 


It has been marked as a new one and others can now vote for it!


For more info on how your feedback reaches Spotify, click here.



Really needed feature. Also I am, and many others for sure, listening to foreign podcasts that are on spotify. I would love the opportunity to listen my favorite podcasts and music in one place on spotify instead of bunch of apps and websites.


Not sure why the whole catalogue of thousands existing podcasts was cut from Russian Spotify (without any warning!!!) but this is very upsetting... I lost so many subscriptions... As much as I preferred Spotify, I guess I've no choice but to return to Apple music for that.


It is a pity that we have a full subscription in Russia without any podcasts, even though there are tons of them in the Russian language!

I would be very appreciated, if you switch on the podcast part of the Spotify across Russia.

BTW, are there any clues when it could happen in the nearest future?


looking forward to listen to you!


Im really upset. Payed for it without even a word of zero podcasts for me? 


I understand that what we pay for Premium here is mere peanuts compared to other countries, but launching the app in the region after so many years without such a major feature looks pretty bizzarre to me. What's more frustrating is the the app is actually called 'Spotify Music and Podcasts' on the App store in Russia! I mean I get that you're (probably) working on it, but while you are, at the very least don't mislead your customers like that.


Enable podcast access support for russian users, if you are not ready to add russian podcasts, you can enable it only for those who keep their ui in other than russian languages(or just for english ui's only)


Just an extra comment. It's weird to still have podcasts section in the search results or all the podcast places promoting you as an available platform, to find an artificial block.


I hate the fact I can not listen Joe Rogan Experience using my Russian Spotify account, since from now on Joe Rogan uses Spotify as his main platform for new episodes there are no more videos on YouTube or anywhere else, so I should search for new episodes somewhere else. Spotify team please make it happens and add podcasts for Russia !


JRE completely moved to Spotify. That's what Spotify aimed for right? To move JRE fans to Spotify ... well now we are here, where is the podcast catalog?