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[All Platforms][Podcasts] Podcast in Russia


Make possible to listen podcasts for Russian users of Spotify.

Updated on 2021-10-29

Hi everyone,
This idea was previously closed, as we in the Community team cannot influence content related request.
Nevertheless, we've been keeping an eye on it and are happy to announce that Podcasts are now available in Russia.
Thank you for your patience and happy listening!

Hey there!

The most successful country launch for Spotify ever!

I am **bleep** off at you for preventing Russian audience from listening to JRE podcast. That has been an enlightening part of every day of mine for three years.

Now you signed Joe and decided that “Russian podcast market is not developed enough yet” and cut the podcast option completely.

  1. There are numerous successful podcasts in Russian on other services
  2. There are listeners in Russia like folks in this comment section listening to podcasts in other languages

So, dear launchers and decision-makers, go and please beg you open podcasts for Russia. Use the chance to show who is daddy here.

Love, **bleep** Sasha


I literally only signed up to listen to JRE...


So, now that JRE has become spotify exclusive content we can't access it anymore? Thx spotify  👍




I want jre back to YouTube! 


so spotify, you want to tell me that you've just cut off a part of jre audience because of their ethnicity or citizenship or what? that's kind of racist in my opinion. your point here is that i can listen to jre only if i live in frist  world country, right? so you grab content from open platform and made it exclusive for privileged countries, right? ok i guess i have no another choice to pirate this content now, thanks


Love it when the big tech accuses everything that moves of racism, sexism or homophobia whilst having no issues engaging in straight up discrimination and/or exploitation. hypocrisy at its finest.  


I went looking for JRE and now i see that podcasts are not even available there? Like WTH?
This doesn't make any sense to us, russian fans. Please fix. This is just ridicilous, guys.


Yeah this is a bonehead move. What possible reason could there be for cutting functionality like that? Like many others I was only here for JRE, was prepared to pay for no ads just for that, but nope, this exclusive to Spotify podcast is now completely unavailable for me. 



When the JRE podcast will be available in Russia?

What Am I Paying You For?