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[All Platforms] Set Alarm to start Spotify

Just thought it would be nice to wake up to a good song.  Start the day off on a good beat.   Looked through my PC, and to my suprise there was no alarm clock!  What's the deal?  Would it not be nice to be able to set a time for the music to start?  Link a playlist, best of (maybe you're waiting for a song to come out?),   Incorporate a timer into the alarm clock too.  Would be cool.


Just a thought....

Updated on 2018-07-31


Over 3,600 of you told us you wanted to set an alarm with Spotify, and we listened!

Spotify and the Clock app from Google™ will now offer the perfect soundtrack to start your day.

Starting today 'July the 31st 2018', Spotify and Google are partnering to help both premium and free users on Android™ phones set their own unique alarms with music from Spotify’s 35 million track catalog. Setting a personal soundtrack to your waking moments has never been easier.

For more info on this and on setting up your alarm, check out the blog here!

If we have any info on this for other platforms in the future, we'll keep you updated here too.


Just wondering if there had been any developments on this subject? Been waiting for an option for an alarm clock built in to spotify/itunes etc. for years! 

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Re-opening this idea to have a place especially for the request of an alarm clock (on all platforms), which was previously just a "side idea" of this idea here:

is this possible?? still waiting on this !!


I've been looking for this! It would be awesome if you could include it in the app itself.


I have a Phillips DS1155 in my bed stand and would love to wake up to my favorite spotify playlists!


It is possible using Tasker. (Which costs 3$, but is totally worth it.) I used this solution: Tasker: Launching Spotify via Intent But also have a look here: Tasker Spotify Help And here: How to trigger play in Spotify


edit: Try whether the task is actually being run before relying on it! Also, setting the volumn up and disabling "silent mode" might be useful. 🙂


edit2: I don't get Spotify to actually play if the screen is locked. The device wakes up, and as soon as I unlock the screen, Spotify plays the music. But currently it won't play when the screen is locked.   😞   I'll keep trying.


YES PLEASE!!!!!!! I have been waiting for a year now for the spotify alarm mode to come out!!!! Please make it happen!!


I use Doubletwist Alarm as my main alarm but as a premium Spotify member have moved to using Spotify 99% of the time.


PLease add an alarm feature.

I found linkalarm on the play store and it seems to work better than alarmify. It's sort of complicated to set up, but i played around with it for 10 minutes and figured it all out. Seems to work great so far



Having an alarm clock would be great.... Pandora has one on their app why should Spotify fall behind?!


An alarm clock and a timer to use when falling asleep.