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[All Platforms] Set Alarm to start Spotify

Just thought it would be nice to wake up to a good song.  Start the day off on a good beat.   Looked through my PC, and to my suprise there was no alarm clock!  What's the deal?  Would it not be nice to be able to set a time for the music to start?  Link a playlist, best of (maybe you're waiting for a song to come out?),   Incorporate a timer into the alarm clock too.  Would be cool.


Just a thought....

Updated on 2018-07-31


Over 3,600 of you told us you wanted to set an alarm with Spotify, and we listened!

Spotify and the Clock app from Google™ will now offer the perfect soundtrack to start your day.

Starting today 'July the 31st 2018', Spotify and Google are partnering to help both premium and free users on Android™ phones set their own unique alarms with music from Spotify’s 35 million track catalog. Setting a personal soundtrack to your waking moments has never been easier.

For more info on this and on setting up your alarm, check out the blog here!

If we have any info on this for other platforms in the future, we'll keep you updated here too.


Could you please implement a spotify alarm app for iPhone as well? That would be awesome!


and for IOS ?!


last month, I asked Spotify when he was going to create this app.


they said this.  (sorry, it's in french)


Capture d’écran 2019-08-02 à 00.58.40.png


So you were able to give people with Androids an option to have an alarm clock with Spotify, but we’re unable to offer it to iPhone users? Could we fix that?


 Millions of people have iPhones - how come we can’t have the same access if we are premium users???


Just came for write that idea and notice someone wrote already.  Why still they didnt aply that idea 😄


you guys need to speak to Apple first to get it solved 🙂 Spotify has no power to just kick off such implementation without Apple's agreeement. I assume that it was much easier to get access to Android repo and make it happen. 


Hello, I coudn't find the app or the option only a similar options but is not a spotify app creation.. can you post the link to download? please.. 

I really think about this idea for while now.. 



2020: NO spotify alarm for iOS users and NO 2FA for everybody.

Ok Spotify, so, what the **bleep** are you thinking to do about it?
Do you want iOS users to migrate to Apple Music? Ahhh, maybe we are only a few premium users with iOS devices and then you don’t give a **bleep** to loose our money...


You say that you have implemneted it with google clock. Yes for sure.
But it is a very bad implementation!

First of all the playlist you have chosen will allways play in shuffle and "repeat all" even if you have turned both off in spotify, you might not play the list from the beginning to the end in order. Second the alarm will pause when you will use the phone and you have to start it again.

There are a number of three-party apps such as mornings and spoton that you have chosen to exclude from searching in spotify. Why do you not collaborate with these developers? Who have done a great job. 

The most ultimate would have been that in the implementation you choose should be able to control shuffle and repeat on and off. and also ensure that the implantation works in the background and does not interfere with other use.


Why no implementation inside the Spotify App?

I want a Spotify alarm clock with iOS