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[All Platforms] Spotify for Audiobooks

It would be awesome if Spotify made a feature for audiobooks for every listening experience for those who like a listening feature for audiobooks

Updated on 2023-03-21

Hey folks,


We're happy to announce that audiobooks are now available in selected markets on web player, mobile, and desktop. You can find more info here.


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen!


Terrible idea. I don't want Audiobook interfaces cluttering up Spotify, like the Podcasts do. It should be a separate app if they want to do Audiobooks. Just like Podcasts should have been a separate app.


Here are bunch of topics with similar ideas 🙂 

Topic 1

Topic 2

Topic 3  (Implemented only for podcasts!)


We need it Spotify. 


Audiobooks must be separated from music.
It is a genre of its own. When tapes group music, individual tracks of audiobooks come between music. Does not make sense.
The player for podcast has all the features an audiobook needs.
Change the playback speed. Saves the last point at which the audio book was heard. When you listen again, it will continue seamlessly.


I just want to mention quickly that (sorry but it's true) Deezer even has its own app just for audiobooks. It works very well and has all the features you could want for audiobooks. For this reason, I would suggest spotify to at least fix the most pressing problems for audiobooks (for example, a proper search function for audiobooks with their own categories, the possibility to remember the position or that episodes of audiobooks do not appear in mixes, because this can be really annoying). Otherwise, Deezer is simply the better choice for the same price, the same music selection, but a much better offering of audiobooks.


I am confused, you are setting this idea to "We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now'" But in you set the same idea to "We're setting this one to implemented"

Both of these ideas state the same thing that in audiobooks and in podcasts, due to the length you need to be able to mark your place in the audiobook or podcast. Maybe the answer is to auto split all audio files that are supposed to be audiobooks or podcasts to separate files of a length of 3 minutes.  That would make it easy to insert ads!


Hello, I recommend that the Status be changed as soon as possible.

In my Library, you have four selections at the top of the screen "Playlists, Podcasts, Artist and Albums".

Currently, Audiobooks are designated as Albums, that is why you find them in Albums.

For people that have the Free plan, this can possibly create a dangerous situation! Currently, with the free plan, Albums are forced to do a random shuffle play.

This can cause a wth situation where a driver's attention is distracted from driving to trying to figure out what happen to his audiobook.

This can be dangerous in a car.

This can be extremely dangerous in a tractor-trailer.

I recommend that all audiobooks, be either moved to the podcasts selection or added to a fifth selection called Audiobooks. whichever is faster.

For people that have the Premium plan, this is a minor problem as there is no forced random shuffle play in Albums to create that wth situation.



It would be nice to see a complete genre (maybe with sub-genres) of audiobooks. I know theres playlists out there put together by users, but this isn't efficient. 


Spotify / Findaway soon will sell audiobook & Audio Theater (multi-voice, sound FX).  Incentivise publishers by providing enhanced discounts (a range of free to coop ad promos) to earlybird entries, especially publishers willing to bring money and effort to the table. Co-op ads have proven very successful, especially for new offerings, and this strategy should be offered with specific levels of publisher commitment. This can be combined with other promo tactics from email marketing to banner ads to countdown discounts to drawings for free bonus items when buyers buy audiobooks. This generates huge sales so that Spotify will result in strong market share acquisition fast and at half the investment.


Why don't you just implement an adaption of the podcast play mode for audiobooks?????? This is so annoying... Then just remove the audiobooks from the catalogue. Would be less annoying.


Listening Spotify support,


On the Topic of Audiobooks. A great idea for people who like to read a lot of books. But don't throw that on the same pile as with Podcasts (for me a disaster). That one gets bombarded with Audiobook and Podcast suggestions all across that one and single Spotify App.  Hence not even finding music and music playlist anymore on the app.  Each main feature as it's own focussed audience, keep that separated from each other or let the user completely suppress one or the other. But a one single app IMHO isn't serving all at the end. i.e. App gets too large and sluggish and at the end every user is unhappy.

I will capitalized it specific for Spotify Support before they go the route as with Podcasts.  Also maybe they understand in this way this english better. Because we all feel Spotify support is apparently half-blind and deaf. So opening with 'listening Spotify support' maybe not really having an effect, but OK.


btw: OK to have of course a podcast and audiobook app. Because you have those lovers too 


A music lover.