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With Rdio sadly closing down, I'm curious as to why Spotify doesn't offer family pricing in Canada still? The family pricing was one of the big reasons why I went with Rdio. In their absence I'll likely have no choice but to go with Apple Music since I can't justify paying $50 for Spotify vs $15 for Apple.


Is there any timeline for this being implemented?

Updated: 2016-09-27

Spotify is now launching its highly coveted Premium for Family Plan in Canada effective Monday, September 26, 2016. 

The Spotify Premium for Family Plan has been one of the most requested features from music lovers in Canada. The Premium for Family plan offers families up to six individual Spotify Premium accounts for only $14.99.

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I am in the same position.  Rdio user looking for a new service.  Would like to go with spotify over apple music but there is no family plan in canada.  Apple music is 15$ for a family plan.  Its a big differentiator and ultimately will likely be the deciding factor in my decision.  SPOTIFY: can you make the family happen quickly in Canada?  What are the barriers?  You will lose business as rdio users search for new options.  


I was really disappointed to see that Spotify family is not available in Canada. I love Spotify, but have since switched to Google Play Music - which has a fam subscription flat rate for up to 6 members.  Good value, but lacking in features that I loved having in Spotify (mainly artist Biographies and release dates)


Spotify, I have been resisting trying the apple streaming service because I live you so much. But if the family plan doesn't come to Canada soon, I'm going to have to sign up.  

I've also left Spotify for Google Music. $14.99 / Mos for 6 family members. Also great selection of songs. Apparently, Spotify doesn't value Canada or our money. GOODBYE SPOTIFY!!!

Spotify, please bring the family plan to Canada. At the very least, provide your subscribers an idea of when/if it might be available. Thank you.


We have for a long time to have access to family plan. What that canada is still and always excluded from this program. What are the reasons. Do I have to think to go to one of your competitors to fix my problem. Some transparency from you would be appreciated!

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It looks like I will take a look at Google music here in Canada. Spotify, take a look at the classic technology failure model, once you chase your customers away thinking there are no other options for them (handcuffed to your tech), they will not come back once they find someone else who will listen to what they are asking...
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Okay, I retract my threat at the moment (picture of me eating crow).  Google Music is not as good nor as easy to use as I had hoped.  Apple really needs a ligit competitor up here in Canada and you guys, Sotify, have a good product to compete with them. Is there anything else apart from blogging here to push Spotify Family in Canada?    

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Deezer - no Family plan

Groove - no Family plan

Sound Cloud - can't figure it out

Rhapsody - not in Canada

Pandora - not in Canada


Only Apple and Google offer family sharing.  Apple on limtied devices and in Google I could not make palylists like in Spotify or Apple.


That said, I see no other competitor to Apple Family in Canda at the moment... wink, wink, nudge, nudge...