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[All Platforms][Subscription] Share playlist with Spotify Kids

I was very excited to see the new kids app, but was quickly disappointed in how limited the selection was, as well as the inability to create a playlist aside from one set of “favorites”


it would be great if an adult profile on the same family plan could share a playlist with the kids account with any songs from the full catalog that we deem appropriate for our own children. While third party curation is helpful as a default, it would be amazing if we could add select songs to the “ok” list, and sharing specific playlists seems like a fairly straightforward way to implement it.


Our 5 year old has many favorite songs available on “regular” Spotify but not on “kids”. While the new app is very promising, in its current form it’s really not usable for us. 

Updated on 2021-01-14

Hey folks,


Thanks for your feedback and suggestions on this one!


Along the lines of what you'll find here, this should now be implemented.


Cheers 🙂


Its been done so you can technically share playlists with kids but I haven't figured out why??
Has anyone successfully done this?

Or know how to get this resolved??

I haven’t figured it out, either - though I tried.

Feel a bit cheated, because this is marked resolved. 😕

Maybe I start looking for another music solution ... a shame. But with the needs of thousands of parents being completely ignored, that will be one paying user less for Spotify. 🤷‍♀️

The other reason is that the algorithm is starting to become crappy and always playing the same bubble - or adding music I would never hear.


The kids Spotify all keeps telling me this is now possible (with a reminder to check playlists for explicit content). 

Anyone figured out how to actually do it?


Actually, I did. You‘ll find it in the parents section, when you click on the profile and then the icon in the upper right corner.

However, you can only share from the premium account owner‘s account - which is kind of shitty, as my husband purchased it - but I am creating play lists for the kids. 🤷‍♀️ 
And lists, that I shared with him, can’t be shared with the kids. The app shows only some fraction of his lists, I couldn’t find a muster on which it decides which lists to show. 
Nice, but not thought through. Also, it would be a lot more comfortable, if I had the chance to check and enable lists to be shared in Spotify and thus decide which lists will be shown in the share section.



I’d gotten that far, but no playlists show up when I tap “shared playlists” - it just says “oops, something went wrong”. I’ve tried creating new lists, nothing shows up. I did not know it was tied to the account holder, fortunately that’s me!


I thought (hoped) I was just missing a step in the process, but it sounds like it’s just not working for us.


Here's some info on this feature. It works for me although the playlists your share cannot be collaborative (I guess it makes sense for a playlist owner to be responsible).


For: Premium Family plan managers

In the Grown ups settings (cog icon) you can:

  • Share playlists created by the plan manager

Shared playlists

When you share your created playlists with your kids:

  • Your kids hear all songs in the playlist, including explicit songs.
  • If you add/remove songs from the playlist, it updates for them too.
  • They don’t hear podcast episodes or content blocked in the Kids app.

You can review songs and cover art before sharing a playlist with your child. When you choose playlists to share, tap a playlist to see tracks in that playlist.

Kids find the playlists you shared in Shared with you.


Maybe I should be clearer where I’m stuck. I can find the Shared Playlists in the settings without any issue, but none of my “adult account” shared playlists show up there. I tried making a new playlist in case something was up with the one I was sharing. When I tap it I only get an error (on multiple devices). 

Those with success: what method did you use to share your playlist from the adult account? I can’t seem to get the kids accounts to see any of the playlists I’m sharing. 

I appreciate all the info 🙂


I finally managed to share a playlist from my account to one of my children’s accounts. Next issue is that NONE of the podcast episodes get shared - even those that are strictly created FOR KIDS!!  What is up with this?!  This is one of the primary reasons we signed on to the family plan...


This has been implemented in the Spotify Kids app but it took a bit of digging around for me to work out how to do it. This is how I did it on Android - it might be different on iOS:


  1. Open the Spotify Kids app
  2. On the "Who's Listening?" screen, tap the Grown Ups gear icon and enter your PIN when prompted
  3. Choose the kid's account you want to share a playlist with
  4. Scroll down and tap on "Shared Playlists"
  5. Scroll down to see your playlists
  6. Tap to select the playlist(s) you wish to share with that child
  7. Tap Share to confirm
  8. Go back to the "Who's Listening?" screen and select the kid you just shared the playlists with
  9. Your child can scroll down to "Shared with you" to find the playlists you just shared
  10. Repeat the above for each child!

[edited to add:] You need to be the "Plan Owner" to share playlists. It will only let you share playlists that you have created yourself rather than ones you have added to your library. You will need to check the playlists yourself for songs with explicit content.

Status changed to: Implemented

Updated on 2021-01-14

Hey folks,


Thanks for your feedback and suggestions on this one!


Along the lines of what you'll find here, this should now be implemented.


Cheers 🙂