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[All Platforms][Your Library] Increase maximum Songs allowed in Your Music

I feel like the maximum amount of songs allowed in one playlist, and subsequently in "Songs" playlist under the new "Collections" feature, should be more than 10,000.


Quite frankly it should be unlimited. 


We are paying for a service but limited on how many songs we are able to save? That is absurd to me.


I recently started saving all of my albums into "Collections" and got stuck at about 1/4 of the way through - 10,000 songs has been reached and I am no longer able to save any more albums.




Updated on 2020-05-26


Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange.

We're excited to be marking this idea as implemented!
We've now removed the limit on saved items in Your Library, making it possible to save songs, and albums on Spotify to your heart's content.

As the app has changed quite a bit since this idea was submitted, please be aware that some functionality is now different. This change does not impact the limit on the number of songs in a playlist other than your Liked Songs.

For more info, check out this blog post.



pleeeasse come on Spotify !!


I mean I have over 6k records on vinyl alone not counting cd and files so I mean the limit is just insane. 10k songs is around 1k albums. Most music lovers and collectors have more than that in their collection. Is Spotify for real music lovers or just casual listeners? I am more than a casual listener so I would like to know where Spotify stand so I can make a decision going forward as to whether I will stay a paying customer or jump ship... 


Seriously this needs to be changed. I can't believe this many votes and comments and you're like, "meh, screw the people that use the platform the most" 


Another disgrunteld customer, here. I just hit my cap. I saved this music because I love it, not because I'm a hoarder. I have moods. I like having this music saved for when the mood hits. Please reconsider this. I shouldn't be punished for being a Spotify power user. 


Like most commenters here in the 284 pages of comments, I agree that this is absolutely bonkers – and simply baffling to me.


Currently my "workaround" is to create a playlist called "Collection 1", "Collection 2", etc. The downside to this is a) there's no browsing by album, grouping by artist, etc. (things one would expect when browsing music) b) it's hard to find an album once you save it c) it's ridiculous.


C'mon Spotify — give the people what they want 🙂


If you're not willing to change the frustrating collection limit for a premium customer, please consider changing the psuedo-friendly "Epic collection, friend" message. The wording is truly infuriating every time.


@mattisahuman99! Amen to your plaint!  Yes!  You have to be able to 1) Browse by album, 2) Group by artist, . . . . How can Spotify be so cruel?


Would you be willing to roll back to the last working version of the Spotify player--  I have 103,522 tracks in all of my over fifteen "Collection1", "Collection2", . . . playlists.   And I have each of my [9K track playlists] under a PlaylistFolder-- Where my Spotify player provides a TwoSecond response time on 1) Browse by album, 2) Group by artist, . . . across all the 103,522 tracks in my PlaylistFolder.


Would that work for you?  For convenience, I name my Playlists as "701_01_PrimaryArtist_", "701_02_Collection_PrimaryArtist_", . . . .


* Where the 701_01_... indicates that I resaved All of the tracks in that playlist on 2017_01_01 and I resaved All of the tracks in

* 701_02_... on 2017_01_02.


That way I can tell from my PlaylistFolder listing-- in which Playlist any track sits-- by looking at the Added column in the PlaylistFolder listing-- In case I want to Delete any track listed in my PlaylistFolder listing.


Make sense?


My friends who no longer read or write to this Spotify forum showed me how to do that-- And it is easy to do . . . .





There's no reason to continue subscribing to Spotify Premium if this doesn't change. Hope you enjoy losing customers.


There is literally NOTHING that would 'degrade' the experience for the 99% of the users if you'd remove the limit. I bet no one would even notice. There is just NO REASON AT ALL to have this limit acitve, and it takes NOTHING to remove it. 

Why the **bleep** Spotify is basically just saying '**bleep** you' to 1% of their userbase, is beyond me. This limit seriously RUINS my experience, as the Albums-section is the only **bleep**ing section I use on Spotify. 


Spotify, obviously this limit is not a popular feature. I have just hit this limit and feeling quite cheated. OK, so a majority don't hit this number. Seems plenty do and are not overly happy. Your reply about the 99% feels like a massive flippant **bleep** you to 1%. Time to rethink this I hope. 


I haven't used Spotify for three weeks, since the now-third time I reached the 10,000-song limit (I did try once, but Spotify loads so slowly that I just gave up). So i can't even try to delete amy songs from my library. Instead, I have been listening to the 3,000 plus songs I purchased on Amazon during previous attempts to stay under the 10,000 song cap. That said, if Spotify wants us to simply create playlists, why don't they make them as easy to organize and search as our libraries? For example, how difficult would it be for Spotify to provide lists of the songs and artists we have across all of our playlists? Or allow us to shuffle play multiple playlists or all of our playlists at one time?