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[All Platforms][Your Library] Increase maximum Songs allowed in Your Music

I feel like the maximum amount of songs allowed in one playlist, and subsequently in "Songs" playlist under the new "Collections" feature, should be more than 10,000.


Quite frankly it should be unlimited. 


We are paying for a service but limited on how many songs we are able to save? That is absurd to me.


I recently started saving all of my albums into "Collections" and got stuck at about 1/4 of the way through - 10,000 songs has been reached and I am no longer able to save any more albums.




Updated on 2020-05-26


Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange.

We're excited to be marking this idea as implemented!
We've now removed the limit on saved items in Your Library, making it possible to save songs, and albums on Spotify to your heart's content.

As the app has changed quite a bit since this idea was submitted, please be aware that some functionality is now different. This change does not impact the limit on the number of songs in a playlist other than your Liked Songs.

For more info, check out this blog post.



@SubzeroSC: Saved albums count toward the limit.  For example, saving a 10-track album counts as 11.  This is why most users hit the wall somewhere between 9K and 10K.


One more hot poker Spotify has shoved up our ass in the past few days: the starred playlist is no longer unlimited, and does not give an error message on the 10,001st song.  No announcement of reduced functionality.  No error message when I encounter it.  Just another big, fat, "**bleep** you" from Spotify.






While you've been removing core features and ignoring feedback, Google just surpassed your family plan.  I gave you months to fix your music player, and you gave me a walled garden of podcasts and a Tiesto song.  Time is up.  Adios, **bleep** off, and unsubscribe.



"We are keeping a close eye on the votes and comments. Please continue to post your feedback."


Do you mean CLOSED eyes???


I am very disappointed in the way this issue has been handled by spotify. Why the lack of communication as to what the reason is? How does the limit make the experience any better for the 99%? Is it that spotify doesn't want to focus on this to focus on other updates? If that is the case why not actually say that instead of some roundabout answer that is essentially spitting in the face of some of their most dedicated users? Does the problem lie within the code for spotify being a mess and changing this problem would be extremely difficult? How hard would it be to even just double the amount of saved 'items'? While I bring up items, why do the albums themselves count as another 'item'? Do artists also count as an 'item'? Why is this limit not more public knowledge? Which is a similar question I have regarding the 3333 downloaded song limit. 

It seems like every single good idea, good improvement, and good fix I notice on these boards are dismissed as "not right now." While I don't dislike every thing that has been done to spotify, I can't say that most of the "improvements" have significantly improved my experience. 

I'll keep using spotify and I've switched to making better playlists, but it upsets me how dedicated users get ignored in situations like this.


Hopefully this seems as reasonable of a complaint as I feel it is.


At first Spotify pissed me off because it would not keep my music on the SDCard I had installed (still does not work) and now I find out there is a **bleep**ing 3,333 song limit! I only use A SINGLE DEVICE! what the hell am I supposed to do.


When I was only buying CD's the mailman came to my door and snapped my latest disc in half because I'd reached my limit. I bent over and just **bleep**ing took it. Thanks Spotify, thanks for eveything.


I was a long time subscriber to Zune Pass / Xbox Music / Groove and recently tried Spotify with the $0.99 promotion.  I really like all the features of Spotify and was absolutely ready to cancel my subscription with Microsoft and invest my money into premium.  However, I hit the 10k limit in a day.  I don't think I will continue my subscription.


Welcome to the club. Notice the brain dead response from staff (bots). Somehow having more than 10k songs will make the average users experience "ok". This does not even remotely make sense; having more songs available will not lessen anyone's experience. Spotify does not think this thread does not deserve a response that remotely make sense.


For the love of god at least add a notification message when a song that will not be added to "Your Music" that notifies us. This way we can at least overcome this ridiculous restriction.


I apologise for my language earlier, members of staff in particular, but this has just hit me again. I have just re-subscribed to the monthly payment of spotify, I have cleared every single last file to do with the Spotify App on my Android (HTC One M8) phone, re-installed and STILL my SDCard is not bieng used to store offline music, and that is after wasting my time formatting it just to make sure it was empty enough to have more space that the internal memory so that Spotify can detect the storage medium with more space.


Your lack of typical customer contact options clearly keep you out of direct trouble whenever you screw us over. This used to be an option as you will know, which directory you want to store music, but for some reason you removed that. Also like I mentioned earlier, I use a single (as in the number one ok!) device to listen to music, and to use spotify, a single device. This means my practical limit is 3,333 songs, which is absolutely ridicoulus. Am I forced to use my computer to store more offline music, which is absolutely no use whilst I am on the go? yes, pointless, frustrating and a waste of my money. Get a grip.