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[Amazon Echo] Allow Spotify Free on Amazon Echo (Alexa)

Currently you can use Spotify Free on Amazon Fire stick or Google Home but on Amazon Echo you are able to only use it with Premium.

Please, allow it on Amazon Echo, i dont bother about ads and I really want to use Spotify Free with my Echo device

Thank  you.

Updated on 2019-12-04

Hi everyone.
We are pleased to confirm that this has now launched in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. You'll find more info on this here.
If we have any info on this for other markets in the future, we'll come back with an update.

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2018-06-19

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


Same as before, doesn't affect me directly as I'm a premium subscriber but my parents own an Echo to communicate (mainly with my son).  They listen to the radio on it.  Having never used Spotify, they don't really see the benefit over the radio, so are unwilling to pay for a premium account.  Surely advertisement supported accounts increase the number of premium subscriptions over time, right?  It just seems like a really obvious thing to add support for.


Don't lose this one to amazon music.


I specifically purchased the Echo so I could listen to music, never thinking Spotify free (which lets me play on my tv) wouldn't play on it. Just ridiculous. 


I believe that every user that uses spotify should be allowed to listen and jam out on Amazon Echo regardless of whether you have Spotify Premium or not...


My case is even worst, I'm an unlimited user, so I pay for spotify service, and I can only use the "unlimited" thing on my laptop.

I think I would have to be able to use the benefits I'm paying for in other kind of devices, in other way, maybe it's better to pay for the alexa's company music service which I suppose is going to work better with my new device.


Please,  me too want use Spotify free on Echo Amazon.


I know this was just announced on 11/7/18. Anyone have an idea how long it'll take Amazon to make the update on their end?


Imagine my surprise when I bought an Echo and found out I couldn't play my Spotify free.

Shame on Amazon/Spotify (not sure who is to blame).

Please fix this soon.

This and many other things work just great on my Google Home.



Great idea!