[Android] Android Widget

Having a home screen widget for Android would be really nice. All other media players have one on Android so it'd be great to see that in Spotify too. It'd make things so much easier to just be able control to Spotify from your home screen instead of swiping down for the notification bar or opening the app. It's really simple functionality so please can you add it.

Updated on 2019-09-09

Hey folks, 


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this idea in the Community.


We’re excited to let you know the Android Widget is back. To get listening, make sure you’re on the latest version of the app and Spotify will show in the widget menu on your device. The widget is now resizable too and some stability issues have been fixed. 




We appreciate your passion for this feature and want to thank you all for your feedback!

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Stupid idea to remove the widget, I found it a really easy to use and convenient feature. So much so that I'm now looking at other providers as most providers are much of a muchness in terms of content, so for me the simplicity of access is the dediding factor. So I'm interested in what people recommend as I'll likely end my Spotify family subscription by the end of this month.

Looking forward to hearing others recommendations. 
Thanks, Richard


The Pandora widget fits nicely where my Spotify widget used to be. 


If you decide to remove a feature, please make sure the alternative is working. Play/Pause button on locked screen isn't working on my S10+...


The funny thing is that this is not a new idea it's a removed feature that you need to return. 


It should be returned immediately regardless of how many votes it gets.


And dare I say it an apology to all the users that this has inconvenienced.


Notification access are absolutely not easy as a widget... I don't want to slide to show notifications... Find the Spotify notification... Bla bla bla

I want to use the widget always available on my launcher page!

Where did you found that idea that the notification way is better! If i follow you, i will remove the 'door handle' and stick it above the door on slide panel... The to open the door i slide my panel to reach the door handle... Yes that's awesome! Seriously! 


It's simply hilarious that this is being marked as a New Idea. 


I am surprised spotify never thought of this one before, it seems so obvious and something that people would want and use regularly...  oh wait


It's never a good idea to remove a feature and I personally, like many, hate the notification menu controls. The widget while it had issues working and could use some fresh paint should have only been taken down once an updated version was working. After talking to all my fellow cit and sit students and teachers in college on our graduating year none of us can imagine how any one person in development could not fix the widget features, create a new better one or suggest it would be a good idea to remove a feature that all the other apps have and work fine from paying customers. If my pizza guy shows up and theres a slice missing it makes no one feel better even if you explain the slice was missing pepperoni. I hope you either put it back promptly or replace with a new widget. Instead of asking people to hunt down a thread they cant find and vote for something they shouldnt have to because this should be a standard feature at this point in time. Seems your IT team is failing here. And after convincing people how much better spotify is your making it harder to convince people this app is better over others. We can download a new app easier then finding a forum to upvote for a feature that should be standard as you should see in forums of people who already stopped payment and left.


**bleep**, someone please tell me that you had a vicious security bug and that is the reason why you deleted the widget.

This is one of the dumbest things I've ever saw in since I'm using spotify (years).

It is so dumb that I'm wasting my time to make this post here.

Once I needed to come here saying why I need this feature I had for the last 5 years, I am also taking the time to look at another streaming services that might have widgets and, most important, won't be fooling around with their costumer preferences


Reinstate the widget or I'm cancelling my premium subscription and moving to another provider. Plenty of alternativess out there and all have functioning widgets.