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[Android] Bring back swipe down to search / filter

I really like the addition of being able to sort Liked Songs by Artist and Album, thank you for that.


However, with that, it's been made unnecessarily more difficult to search for specific songs in Liked Songs by requiring you to push the top right 3 dots and then "Find in Liked Songs".


Please bring back being able to simply swipe down, get the search bar, and type in the song details.

Updated on 2022-07-12

Hi folks,


Thanks for sharing your feedback about this idea in the Community.


We’re excited to let you know that this feature is back! You can access it by simply swiping down on the currently opened playlist - a search bar and a Sort button will appear, allowing you to sort and filter tracks with ease.


Once again thanks for making Spotify better!


Couldn't agree more. The change was just really inconvienent and unecessary. 


I was so dumbfounded when I couldn't find it that I thought it was a bug. When it still wasn't there after I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I went as far as to contact spotify support. It was then I was told it was still there, but buried in a menu for some stupid reason. I thought it may have been an UI change when trying to get it back, but it is such a stupid design choice I couldn't believe it until I was told by the representative. It really makes me wonder what ulterior motives they have for moving it because there is no way anyone thought "Yeah...The users would love it if we hid the search bar." Regardless, I am beginning to look for other streaming services after having Spotify premium for three or so years now.


Exactly what I was thinking. The main Idea of keeping the Interface clean and simple is great, but the tiny transparent search bar isn't bothering, especially as you only see it when you are on the top of your Playlist. 


Clean interface yes, but where is the point of it when you have a really full and not clean context menu. 




It became a real pain to quickly make a queue of songs recently. Before, you'd just scroll up and search. Now, adding these steps make it very tedious to set a mood for an activity. I agree completely and hope they change that back.


This change of the search field is silly... You always searched at the top, playlist filter is on top as well.  These unnecessary clicks really don't work. Also when search does not find you what you need, sort order would be next (or the other way round). Same steps again. Just: No. 


i totaly agree with that ;D


I have some experience in User Interface Design and even for someone who doesn't, this is just outrageous. I don't understand why they would change it like this when it was totally fine before. Why change something that is good? I've never had any complaints about Spotify before but this is just unbelievable. Please change it back the way it was, asap.


Hey folks ,


This sudden change may be annoying. It just changed with the new version. I would rather use the actual version for awhile and comment about it later. With the next version we may see useful and improved features. 


By the way , for our questions and features '' spotify answers '' and '' find solutions and help others '' are helpful and improving.


Happy Tuesday 🙂




This has totally affected my user experience - in the worst possible way. Just FYI, Spotify, Aussies will soon be subject to camera detection for touching their device while driving. Fines apply even when you're stationary at a traffic intersection. Please reverse the superfluous steps you have added into what was a previously simple and absolutelt necessary function. Just whyyyyy?!?