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Bring Back Sorting in Search Results

This is bad, guys!  


Once was the day (last week) you could sort all of your search results by artist, album, length OR popularity simply by clicking on the name of that column in the full search results view.  


It's even mentioned in a "Solution" from last week.


Now, the column headings are unresponsive and there is now way to group the results of your search, like when you want to see different versions of the same song by one artist:


New Search Results


There seems to be some problems w/ the search function in other aspects of the redesign so perhaps a fix is in the works?


Spotify's greatest strength is the diversity of music accessible but people enjoy it in different ways, not just by popularity.


Please bring back sorting in search results!  This is big hole!



Hey folks, we're happy to announce this feature is rolling out to customers now. You will have sortable columns in search on Desktop coming your way. Thanks for your feedback everyone. 




I use search all the time and sort by song name to listen to multiple versions of the song or by song length because I might want to listed to an extended live version.


As it stands today, the current search is nearly unusable.


We keep losing features. Spotify seems to be keeping quiet about what has been lost in this latest update. There are more losses too that have not been discussed as much. Another loss of ability to find other great playlists.

Status changed to: Implemented

yes, This is terrible.


I'm a trained librarian who's worked as a music librarian for ten years. And I can report that the search interface has become completely unusable for serious searching. Maybe Spotify should hire somebody who actually knows something about making large databases accessible for searching?


Curiously, it seems as if a search is started from outside Spotify desktop (like from a URL or an external app) the sorting functionality is present.  I am able to click column headings to sort.


External Search Results


I was completely shocked when I discovered this. I use it to search for a song title and then sort the list by artist as I'm usually looking for it sung by a particular artists. I can then check the diferent takes of the song added to dffierent albums and choose the best or several to add to a playlist.


It would be a nightmare doing that without the filtering.


How many more features have you removed in this terrible update? Every day takes me closer to putting the previous version back on my PCs.


Not impressed at all.


I agree with this, and to add - 


I only use Spotify on my iPhone and the web player, and I don't have the sorting functions in my search engines OR in my playlists like I had when I downloaded the software on my laptop, which is now broken. 


It would be helpful to revive these features as I like to view my playlists/searches in alphabetical order.

I formerly used artist sorting almost every day - it's definitely a feature that can be brought back with minimal changes to the new UI.

Agree 100%, I need that ability to sort search results on column headings.  Used it to look up all versions of a particular song, like others have mentioned.  The new 'black' version looks different and takes away features, that's all I can tell so far. 


Why does Spotify choose to make its software less user-friendly with less functionality? I used to sort by popularity (and other columns) in my search results all the time, now that column isn't even shown.


Please bring back the old interface for those that want it!