Bring back Applescript support.

On OSX the llatest version ( has all Applescript support removed!?

I would really see the Applescript support brought back.



Updated: 2015-04-07


Hey folks, this returned with the 1.0.3 Desktop app update. 

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Watch this space
Updated: 2015-03-23

Hey guys, this feature will be in a future Desktop update. We'll update this post here when we have more news. Thanks!

Casual Listener

This is caused by a bug in the app's Info.plist definition. There's a very simple fix (until Spotify fixes it for good) described here:


Can confirm, this is working in 1.0.3


TY for listening Spotify dev team


artwork retrieval still broken

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented
Updated: 2015-04-07


Hey folks, this returned with the 1.0.3 Desktop app update. 




Sorry for the previous message:


are any of this commands working at all?


trackn : A Spotify track.


artist (text, r/o) : The artist of the track.

album (text, r/o) : The album of the track.

disc number (integer, r/o) : The disc number of the track.

duration (integer, r/o) : The length of the track in seconds.

played count (integer, r/o) : The number of times this track has been played.

track number (integer, r/o) : The index of the track in its album.

starred (boolean, r/o) : Is the track starred?

popularity (integer, r/o) : How popular is this track? 0-100

id (text, r/o) : The ID of the item.

name (text, r/o) : The name of the track.

artwork (image data, r/o) : The track's album cover.

album artist (text, r/o) : That album artist of the track.

spotify url (text) : The URL of the track.


I tried them with no hope, any of those commands when you run them are gives an error --> 'error "Spotify got an error: Can’t get spotify url." number -1728'. Is there any chance that you guys are fixing this?


Artwork still not working in desktop version


Track length is now given in milliseconds, while track position in seconds like it used to.

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Is artwork retrieval working at all anymore? I'm having to contact the API for that… Feels like a waste of bandwidth for everyone just to get a desktop widget showing current track working! :\