Bring back drag-and-drop sorting within playlist

Version has removed the ability to manually sort a playlist by removing drag-and-drop functionality. Is this *another* instance of, "Oh, we'll put it back in the next version" (Why take it out in the first place then?), or is it an oversight?


Anyway, this was an important feature to me.*Edit* Earlier on today, for example, I went to shuffle my Best of 2015 playlist then remembered they'd broken it.


Please put it back in the program ASAP.

Updated: 2015-06-17

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Apparently it's back in 🙂


I sure hope it will be possible asap. This was one of the reasons why I became premium member.

A one in all player of Spotify's music catalogue, my own playlists and my own downloads and CD's from my computer.

If this is not possible soon why be a premium member here.

I get 4 million+ songs library included via my internet provider and if I'm gonna use 2 players to hear music anyway that's the cheaper version.


I had a wonderful playlists, and I then sorted it by song title in order to weed out duplicates...


Now I can't figure out how to get it to go back to the original order (or baring that, allow me to manually re-order the tunes).


(And, yes, I feel like an idiot.)


Anyone have any suggestions?



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Updated: 2015-06-17


So is the playlist drag and drop feature restored? I'm trying to rearrange songs and is still not working for me as of version


This says "implemented," but Im still not able to drag and drop within a playlist to re-order songs. Please bring it back (or advise if Im simply missing something).

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I am an instructor so I listen to my music save them into a playlist and go back create another playlist and add songs about 20 and now I want to drag and drop to organize the ones I want within that playlist and I can't!!! I use to do it and within a hour of my update I can no longer!!!!! ut oh I may go back to itunes because of this!


This feature is essential. Why was it ever removed? The ability to drag and move songs and rearrange is a creative way to listen to artists.

Please add back ASAP.