Bring back 'sort by date' option in Local Files

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I am really missing the feature where I can sort Local Files by the date added since I updated Spotify...


Is there a way to activate that option?




Updated: 2015-04-07


Hey everyone! This was implemented with the 1.0.3. Desktop app update.

Edit (@blake) 2015-11-28: This idea has been reposted here.


Hello @Ankevg !
That should still be available in playlist view. Does it appear for you when you maximize your Spotify window?
If not, could you please post a screenshot? Thanks!


The option is there in the normal playlists, but has disappeared from the local music playlist, which is making it really hard to find newly added music.

Status changed to: New Idea

Marked as new idea and edited the topic to let it focus on getting back the sorting option by date for local files. If you don't have that option in normal playlists, just maximize your Window and it should be back!


I absolutely hate that this feature was removed as well as the ability to search local files.  


That was bascailly the only way i rememberd to listen to newly added local files(that were not on spotify).  Now i just have to remember and scroll through my thousands of local files to find something making this once easy process a terribly annoying and inecfficient process. 


Why does Spotify functions?!?!

I seriously don't get why they want to annoy they're customers.

In the new version I cannot search in local files, search in playlists, search in My Songs.

I cannot add a local file from a folder to a playlist. (i have to add it as local file, and then find it in local files (where i cannot search or sort by added date! LOL FAIL)


Spotify - Never remove functionality!

If it ain't broken, dont fix it.


I don't understand why this was removed.


Almost every Spotify update seems to go one step forwards, two steps backwards.


Couldn't agree more. Don't know what you were thinking with this latest desktop update for Mac? Removed browsing/filtering/searching of local files?


I've been down from day 1 (well almost). One of the main reasons for me was to get rid of the horrible iTunes for playing local files and syncing them to my mobile devices. Please, please, please don't force me to go back to iTunes!


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OSX 10.9.5

Spotify version:


Loss of the ability to sort my Local Files by Date Added is a critical usability regression.  I have been a Spotify user since the first day it was available in the US, and this is the first time I've been compelled to back an idea like this.

Fix this in the next release before you alienate all of your long-term paying customers.


I just wrote to @SpotifyCares and they send me this link, somebody knows how to add the sort by date? 

It's really annoying specially when you just downloaded a new song and then you have to look for that song in the search box, it's really annoying!!!


This is definitely a dealbreaker for me and Spotify.  Why would you ever remove this functionality?  What is the point?


It's not going to make me search for the file from Spotify to stream it for additional revenue for you guys, and you're only going to piss off users who are already paying for Premium (like me), and end up making them quit the service because of bull**bleep** changes like this. 


I've been using Spotify for 3 years now, had Premium for 1 year, but if this doesn't get fixed - yup, goodbye Spotify.  Don't fix what isn't broken, thanks.