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Bring back 'sort by date' option in Local Files

Status: Implemented



I am really missing the feature where I can sort Local Files by the date added since I updated Spotify...


Is there a way to activate that option?




Updated: 2015-04-07


Hey everyone! This was implemented with the 1.0.3. Desktop app update.

Edit (@blake) 2015-11-28: This idea has been reposted here.


Not only is sorting by Date Added gone, again, but to make matters worse, the workaround I used to use does not work anymore:


Any local files that I had yet to listen to, I simply had in a folder titled "New" on my harddrive. Every track in that New folder showed up under the same Album (titled "New") in my Local Files, but now it seems Spotify can identify a song and  assign its proper Album name, thus scrambling any song groupings I try to make for new local tracks...


Please re-re-introduce a Date Added column for Local Files. Its obviously an indispensable feature for a lot of people, so why do you continuously eliminate it?


 I switched back to Apple Music becasue they removed this feature and I check everyday to see if they update it back in the application so I can switch back. This is so aggrivating.


How do we get this back on Spotify's radar?


I am seriously angry! It's now over half a year they removed this feature and still are not able to put it back! Seriously, why are you doing this? I am a premium member for several years, but this really gets me considering moving to another platform!!!


C'mon spotify, how hard is it to add a filter option?


From what I'm reading, the new Desktop version adresses this. Cool, EXCEPT that I download the latest Spotify and it still says its 1.0.2, ever after unistalling and reinstalling.



Is/will this option be available on mobile?

why the hell you keep removing this function? its making my life living hell when i try to sort out my specifiec playlist from specifiec local files....


@meahtenohaany chance this feature can come back?


I see this feature is sitll not there.  Am i missing something?  Or has it been removed again?  

It's driving me nuts to get locally stored files into Spotify only to lose them in the large "local files folder" ..... I can't keep pressing shuffle and hoping i get lucky.  This isn't Tinder for music.