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[Connect] Scrobble to

Scrobbling to is a big part of listening to music for some people. 

Spotify Connect should support scrobbling to (although I am not sure how it could be implemented!). 

Updated on 2018-12-14


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this idea in the Community.

We’re excited to announce that scrobbling with Connect is now implemented. If it's not working, head to the 'Apps' section on your Spotify account overview and disconnect Last.FM. Then head to Last.FM and reconnect to Spotify. This should help 😄


Happy scrobbling!

Also, it should scrobble when you go offline and when we come back online they should be counted.

Scribbling would be great if it continued on connect playback. data is important to me, especially their suggestions for listening.

quimze2 beta version does have credentials but it doesn't work when using Spotify Connect.


Come on Spotify! Implement this feature, otherwise Spotify Connect will be useless for me. I have other options like Airplay.


We can't let this Idea die! I was really glad today when I noticed, that Onkyo made an update for their recievers to support spotify connect. However I was rather disapointed, when I noticed, that it doesn't scrobble, why is that? I mean, it doesn't seem difficult to implement, the App on the iPhone does scrobble anyways so it could easily just continue to scrobble.



Scrobbling on Spotify Connect is a MUST.

I switched from Google Music All Access to Spotify Premium recently but this issue is litterally the main reasoning for me to consider switching back. scrobbling is very important to me.


This feature would be very welcome. I use to keep track of my listening history and discover new music based on my listening history. Now I have to use Airplay to be able to scrobble. Since there is already scrobble functionality available for locally played music, this shouldn't be too hard to implement?


I agree - this is a big missing feature for Spotify Connect. I've just got a new Roberts radio and really want to be able to scrobble all the music that I play through Spotify Connect through it.


I really, really support this request. I'm mostly listening to Spotify through a Pioneer receiver and miss my scrobbles very much.




Very important for me too! I mean spotify will have to track my listening in order to pay for the licence, they should let the scrobbling work when offline or listening through spotify connect!