[Connect] Show Chromecast on Desktop's Device List

The idea is simple. Why create new features and options for connecting to a new device when its already developed?

Spotify can currently change the device playing music within a LAN in a way that is so seamless I jumped the first time when there were no delay. Why not use this already impressively implemented feature for chromecast? If chromecast was available as a device then it would make it a lot easier for us to use on the computer too, which is the main music player when anyone's home.


My guess is that a chromecast can't truly act as a device, but there should be a way to do this through some back-end trickery. Especially if there are unlicensed 3rd party programs that can cast (popcorntime for example).



Updated on 2021-01-13

Hey folks,


Thanks for your feedback and suggestions on this one!


We're pleased to confirm that this feature should now be available to all Desktop users, as pointed out by @MattSuda here.


Once again, thanks for showing your support here in the Community 💚


I still have a problem only seeing displays (Nest Hub, "normal CC") sometimes, and sometimes both displays and Chromecast audios/Google Home Minis which is quite annoying. A function should be correctly implemented after such a long time.