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[Country] Make Spotify available on Caribbean islands!

I understood that Spotify is not yet available for streaming on the Dutch Caribbean islands Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao (and possibly neither on Saba, Statia and Sint Martin).

Edit: and South-American located Surinam.

Edit 2: Plus Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados. 

Edit 3: Plus Jamaica.

Many local music artists would like their music to be streamed by the local audience and of course internationally. It would be great if Spotify could be available in this area too. 


Benefits include that it will help the musicians make their music better available for people to find nationally and internationally, and that it may also help them acquire some royalty income.

For the locals on the islands it means that they can listen to music releases legally, instead of resorting to illegal piracy. 

And for Spotify it may mean more (premium) subscribers.


Downsides? NONE 🙂




Updated on 2021-02-27

Hey all,


We're excited to share with you that Spotify is going live in multiple markets, including Barbados, Curacao, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago 🌎

Full list of countries and some more information can be found here.

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2018-05-24

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


[edit 2020-05-13: If you'd like to see Spotify available in Jamaica, you might also want to support this idea.]


Please vote! We need at least 50 votes so that spotify will take these locations into consideration by keeping this idea active on this site, or else it will be deleted.

Edit: we got 50+ votes. I still would like if you could keep voting and sharing to ensure that Spotify sees that there's a lot of us who would to use the music platform. 





the only reason i got premium was because i couldnt return home for more than 2 weeks without being disconnected from spotify all together. THIS SHOULD ALSO BE EXPANDED TO BARBADOS AND TRINIDAD with so many artists in the top 50 lists thanks to Major Lazer. 

A whole market of profits being missed out by Spotify. 😛


This is unbelievable that it's not possible, yet the Caribbean artists have albums on here and are in the playlists.


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Spotify , Please Make the app available in the caribbean!!!!!!! We want to be included too


Good idea


Phase 1: Make Spotify available in the Carribean.

Phase 2: ???

Phase 3: Profit. 


Sorry wrong space. Edited. Please delete. 


I believe if it’s a United States geographical problem you can use a VPN to make it look like your somewhere else!


Please make the service available in Jamaica